Wear glasses under a motorcycle helmet

Riding under the severe weather like rain or wind can hinder our vision. Especially to the short – sighted people, wearing glasses and masks at the same time in the rain will be a nightmare. The air we exhale can condense on the glass and create mists and fog. If we open the visor, rain and the wind can splash into our face irritating our concentration in riding. Also, we cannot stop a bit and wait for the mists fade away during a long journey. Thus, there are some ways for the short-sighted to drive safe under such rainy weather.

1. Glasses:


You can choose the helmet having grooves which make your head comfortable and prevents the glasses’ arms from hitting your temples and touching the back ears to make them painful. Some glasses of specialists are equipped with padded arms and rims exclusively designed for that type of helmet. The soft padding can make you feel comfortable, but it is not durable. Padding made of neoprene is the most durable material, but it does not ease your face.

Choose the glasses and helmet that fit each other which means that the padding along your brow will not drag down your glasses. This will create pressure on the bridge of the nose, distort the sight and reduce the ability of exact driving. Before any ride, you should put on your helmet first and then wear the glasses. Glasses will automatically fit the helmet.

Two arms of the glasses can create blind spots. It can block your eyes from seeing some components of the motorbike like the speedometer. In case you want to study seriously how to ride a motorcycle, please test wearing your glasses in the position of riding and make sure that you feel totally comfortable with the glasses, arms do not hurt temples or block any tiny visions.

Some glasses glare resistant and having UV protection surface. The lenses are varied with many different effects. Yellow lenses are suitable for both day and night and useful in the cloudy weather. If you have to ride at night, you should choose clear lenses

In case you are stuck with finding any solutions for your classic glasses, you should try the contact lenses. Contact lenses are more expensive, less durable and less safe than the regular glasses. However, it will help you avoid any misty problem as riding under the rainy weather.

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2. Goggles:

This type of glasses is more suitable for an open face helmet which only protect your head in a crash. Your face is not protected by wearing this kind of mask. The goggles can safeguard the majority of your face and prevent any mists hindering your vision. The straps should be made of leather or fabric rather than synthetic materials. Make sure that modifying your strap to avoid any pressure on the bridge, cheeks and brow.

Goggles need special clean-up method to keep them proper. In case your glasses are muddy, just rinse them under the hose and dry them with the laundry detergent. Then, dip your glasses into a full bucket of warm water and some drops of laundry detergent. Let them be for a few minutes and agitate them for a few more to get all dirt out of the glass. Do not touch the lenses so violently, let the earth fade away into the water. After that, wet a soft cloth and gently clean the glasses. The final step is rinsing the goggles again under the water hose. You should hang the glasses on the hangers under the shadows to avoid any damage of sunshine on the straps.

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3. Sunglasses:

A sunglasses can protect your eyes totally from harmful factors. There are different lenses color for you to choose from the clear sunglasses like the goggles from the dark color to cool off your eyes under heat.