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About Us

Want to ride a motorcycle? Not sure where to start? At Best Beginner Motorcycles we are focused on providing new riders with all the information they need to get into the motorcycle lifestyle. From choosing the right motorcycle and learning to ride to guides and reviews of the top beginner motorcycles and amazing products on the market, we cover it all.

Best Beginner Motorcycles was started in 2009 as a guide to help new riders learn the ins and outs of riding a motorcycle. Our original founder got lots of bad advice when he was starting out and wanted to make sure that a resources existed that dives into this new and confusing world for a beginner.

The early stages of learning how to ride a motorcycle are more than just getting a permit, jumping on a bike and riding around. There are things like what gear to wear, how to protect yourself, understanding the right first motorcycle and all the trade-offs that exists across these topics.

That is how Best Beginner Motorcycle was born. We are now part of the A07 Online Media, a collection of niche communities online. If you are looking to reach passionate motorcycle fans then feel free to reach out about partnership opportunities. If you want to work with us or just chat about riding, don’t be shy and fill out our contact us form.