Beginner’s Motorcycle Guide – 114 Page eBook

Zero to 60 – The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Motorcycles

This ebook is the ultimate guide to learning about motorcycle riding, what’s involved, equipment you need and getting started. With over 114 pages of content not found on the internet it is the go-to resource for learning it all. This book covers topics including:

  • How to use this book Sticker shock motorcycles are expensive
  • The 5 pieces of motorcycle gear you need
  • What NOT to wear on a motorcycle
  • Where to buy motorcycle gear
  • How to choose properly fitting gear
  • Different bikes and what you need to know
  • Buying new VS used (from a dealer or private party)
  • The best beginner cruiser motorcycle reviews
  • The CHEAPEST and BEST motorcycle to buy right now
  • How to pay hundreds of dollars less for motorcycles
  • Personal risk assessment
  • How to avoid dropping your motorcycle
  • 4 Physical exercises to make you a better rider
  • The best training course to take
  • What to expect your first month of riding?

And much more…

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