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Learn The Fundamentals Before Sitting On The Bike Seat

Watch the Video This is Why I Ride Motorcycling, the closest any one person can get to flying without actually being on a plane as a pilot. It comes with all the excitement, all the dangers, a lot of practice to be any good… and the better we get, the more fun we are capable of having. Being a motorcyclist is also about joining a community of like-minded individuals, that are more often friendly, helpful,...
Video Why We Do the Pre-Ride Check Safe riding starts with a steadfast steed. We as motorcycle riders have way too much to think about when on the road and should never have to worry about something not working as intended, in the event we need it to. I cannot stress enough, how important regular maintenance and pre-ride checks are to any and all riders. Mechanical devices, especially motor vehicles, have wear and tear, meaning...
In this article, I will be creating a reference guide on the majority of basic/common components & parts of a motorcycle along with a brief description of what the device does and where it may be found on a motorcycle. I will also include varying technologies that can be associated with many of the parts and components in this guide. The information that I am putting together is based on content that has been or...

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Essential Riding Skills

It's Time To Get Your Foot Pegs Wet!

Kick mounting a motorcycle
Mounting and dismounting your motorcycle is an essential skill that becomes almost second nature over time. There are many ways to hop on and off the bike, but some are better than others (depending on your situation). In this article, I’m going over some of the more common and safe ways to mount/dismount your bike. By the end of this article, you will know how to get on and off your bike safely. Let’s get...
Motorcycle brakes (clutch side)
Since the  first motorcycle design, many changes, evolutions, and innovations have taken form over the years of its development – but one thing that has stayed the same for motorcycles from the beginning to now is a need to control the delivery of power to the driving wheel (clutch) and a way to stop (brakes). It’s true, there are some automatic motorcycles available (and more appear to be coming), but for 99% of us, learning...
Starting your engine & assuming the ready/riding position… can anyone say “name of my sex tape”. All joking aside, knowing the general rule of thumb for starting a motorcycle and assuming PROPER ready/riding position will potentially save you some headache, embarrassment,  injury, and even fatigue while riding. In this article, I will give you a checklist of steps to go through for starting a motorcycle that can apply to the vast majority of the motorcycles...
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Picking A Bike

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