Review of the SHAD SH40C Topcase

Scooters provide great fuel economy, are easy to ride, easy (and frequently free) to park, and are FUN. They can also be astoundingly practical. One of the best ways to get more use out of your scooter is to add to its storage space. A lot of scooters have room under the seat, gloveboxes, even hooks for grocery bags, but a good topcase (or trunk) can make running errands on your scooter a breeze. (To see just how much can be hauled on a scooter, seek out the book ‘Bikes of Burden’ by Hans Kemp.)

Michael Schuiten of Binetto was kind enough to send me a SHAD topcase for review. SHAD products are made in Europe and have been awarded ISO 9001 certification. The case arrived with everything one will need to mount it on just about any scooter (or motorcycle) with a rear luggage rack. I decided to test it out on a Genuine Blur as I believe some good storage would make this sporty machine an outstanding commuter. As you can see in the pictures, the Blur has a standard grab-bar on the rear and a nice rear rack added.

Installation of the SHAD topcase was very straightforward. I placed the base plate on the luggage rack, making sure that I left enough clearance for the topcase to attach. Next, I placed the supplied attachment brackets under the rack at four points, spaced to give as much support as possible. The SHAD came with two types of screw holders – one type for the square grid openings, and one type for the slotted openings. In the case of the Blur, I ended up using the slotted openings. Then it was just a matter of tightening up the attachment points. Only a Philips screwdriver and a 10mm wrench were needed. The provided covers give the mounting plate a nice, finished look.


The SHAD topcase is easy to attach to the mounting plate. It locks securely on and doesn’t rattle or squeak like some of the lower quality trunks I have tried. After using the SHAD topcase for a few days I am completely thrilled with it. The model shown in this review is the SH40 with a cargo rack top. It is about 16.5” deep, 19.25” wide, and 11.5“ tall. It easily held my XXL copter helmet, armoured jacket and gloves. I have put my messenger bag in the trunk and bungeed several items to the top of the case. By the way, the 5-hook bungee shown in the pictures was included with the case.

The SHAD topcase is very well made, adds a nice additional reflective surface to the rear of my scooter, and has well thought-out features. Unlike the Givi topcase on my People 250 scooter, the SHAD can be locked OR unlocked. I have to have the key to open the Givi. This might not seem like a big deal, but when you are warming up your scooter for that cold weather ride and need to throw some extra glove-liners in your topcase, it’s nice to be able to open it without the key. When unlocked, the top can be opened and the case can be removed from the mounting plate. When locked, the case is both locked to the plate and locked shut. The ability to remove the topcase from the scooter is a big plus in my book. Many topcases are meant to be “permanently” attached to a scooter and that makes them unusable as carry-away luggage. I have found myself taking the SHAD with me into the grocery store and packing it at the check-out line.

At the time of this review, the SHAD topcase is available in liter capacity sizes of 26, 29, 33, 37, 40, 45, 46 and 50. Color panels are available for most models. I highly recommend the SHAD topcases as an excellent accessory for your scooter.

I think the SHAD SH40c looks great on the Genuine Blur

In Minnesota, SHAD topcases are available at:

Scooterville – Minneapolis

Century Power Sports – Stillwater

Fisher Motorsports – Villard

Scooter Plus – Hopkins