What Are The Benefits Of Buying DOT Certified Motorcycle Helmets?

Benefits Of DOT Certified Motorcycle Helmets

When bike riders buy anything for their motorcycles, they are normally highly consider purchases, taking into account features, comfort, style and safety. This is especially true for motorcycle helmets, which are one of the most important purchases a motorcycle rider makes.

There are many authorities and groups that are responsible for the ensuring and approving the safety and quality aspects of helmets, but there is one that is accredited all over the world.

This agency is called DOT, which means the Department of Transportation. This agency has made a rule that all the helmets, which are to be sold should undergo a series of checks and tests.

The DOT performs thorough checks and tests on all the helmets and pass only those, which meet all the security requirements. Motorcycle riders who want peace of mind can check the DOT label on the helmets. Many governments don’t allow people to ride their motorcycles if they don’t see the DOT label the helmet. This is due to the fact that they simply believe that helmets that have not been approved by the DOT are not safe enough and while that may not factually be true, it definitely makes sense to buy a helmet that has “proven” it is safe by undergoing all the appropriate testing.

Helmets are used to protect riders from head injuries, so if they are not certified by a top agency, then it might not be as effective in protecting a rider in case of any accident.

How motorcycle riders can identify DOT Helmets?

We have for a close comprehensive list of points, you have to check with a specific end goal to comprehend which a DOT affirmed helmet is and which is definitely not. After you have experienced this, you can discover DOT helmets effortlessly:


  1. Check for the DOT label. You should find it at the back of the helmet, towards the base, at about the center of the helmet.
  2. Apart from the sticker, there should be a DOT mark sewn to within the helmet.
  3. The mark’s area is imperative. It should be in a spot from where it can’t be detached effortlessly.
  4. The DOT sticker should convey some fundamental information. This incorporates the name or logo of the helmet producer, assembling date, and size of the helmet, model number or name and a list of parts that have gone into the making of the motorcycle helmets.
  5. If you don’t find these points of interest on the sticker, or if one or a greater amount of these elements are feeling the loss of, your most logical option would be not to purchase the helmet.

DOT Benefits

When customers see the DOT label on the helmets, they can be sure about the safety features of the helmets that they are about to buy. You don’t need to take the merchant’s word for the security of the helmet. You can judge it for yourself. The criteria for checking the helmets have been mentioned above.

The procedure to test DOT Helmets:

  1. We should discuss a bit about the procedure of positioning helmets and how DOT goes about it.
  2. An effective test is a conspicuous piece of the system. A headpiece is embedded inside the helmet.
  3. Next, the helmet is dropped from a stature of around ten feet. A human head can survive if it gets a G-force of 400 units on effect. It can’t take any more than that. A G-force is the gravitational power applied to items in free fall. Helmets that can ensure the headpiece in this condition are named.
  4. Manufacturers don’t have to test their items once more after it has gotten a DOT sticker.
  5. A maker is allowed to offer any of his helmets that are DOT appraised.

A DOT rating guarantees that the cap you are purchasing is of incredible quality and sturdiness. The DOT rating will ensure that what you are purchasing will secure you all things considered. There are lots of benefits of buying DOT enabled helmets, so I urge all the people who want to ride favorite bikes should get a DOT approved helmet because they are the other name for safety today. Many top helmet manufacturing brands are DOT approved, so finding top quality helmets is not much of a problem.

Motorcycle Helmet Brands With DOT Certified Motorcycle Helmets

There are lots of motorcycle brands with DOT approval so rather than list them all here we thought we’d touch on a post we wrote a while ago about the best motorcycle helmet brands in the world. The temptation as a beginner motorcycle rider is to get into bikes as cheaply as possible. Buy the best starter motorcycle a few years after release on the second hand market, buy some cheap motorcycle protective gear and be on your way.

We understand that and we were once the same way. Here’s the thing with a helmet though. It protects your head and skull and it the one piece of protective gear that can make the biggest impact between life and death. Don’t be cheap. Buy a new, top brand helmet from one of the following manufacturers (yes, they have a range of reasonable budgets they accommodate). It is way too important an item to just try nickel and dime. Note that all of the following manufacturers have amazing safety ratings and meet all DOT requirements:

Note: This post used image from mitchgrissim.com and bikebandit.com