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You are about to embark on one of the most fun hobbies out there. Motorcycles are exciting, cool, and in some cases even more practical than a car. Riding a motorcycle is no joke though, take it from us, we’ve been riding for over 10 years and have seen it all. At Best Beginner Motorcycles we try to talk about practical things all motorcycle riders need to know. From our beginner motorcycle reviews,  learning to ride series as well as our product reviews and ultimate guides our aim is to get you up to speed and keep you informed. Enjoy.

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Imagine yourself cruising down a typical city street in Anytown, Anywhere on a sunny, summer’s day astride your faithful, two-wheeled steed. You’re aware, alert and on top of your game as always. You’re even fully outfitted in protective gear for your ride. Life is good! As you float along at 60ish kph you spot a …

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The Honda CRF250R has secured the opinion of a solid motocross bike in its class since production started back in 2002. Nearly twenty years later, we are not too far away from the release of the eagerly anticipated new 2018 model with the first bikes being expected to be available in the Honda Shop Midland …

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Summary Introduced for the 2017 model year, the 2018 Z650 offers thrilling performance, easy handling, and lightweight maneuverability. New riders won’t have to worry about outgrowing the power too soon, but they should be careful: this “small” Z has more than enough power to be daring… and dangerous. Highly recommended for fans of naked bikes …

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You, Me, & 650cc’s: The Best Starter Bikes for Two-Up Riding So you’ve mastered the basics of riding alone on a motorcycle, and now you find yourself bringing along a partner. Riding two-up, colloquially known as having a Pillion, brings its own unique set of challenges. Not only are you responsible for your passengers safety, …

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Great Bikes for Heavier Riders

Three Great Starter Motorcycles for Heavier People So you’ve been bitten by the bug I call motorcyclus riderus and as a result have come down with a serious case of the bike fever, eh? It infects all different kinds of people, from many different walks of life and body types. The joy of riding knows …

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best motorcycle helmet brands

Top Motorcycle Helmet Brands Motorcycle riding is one of the most exciting experiences in life. The adrenaline, the speed, the sheer feeling of air rushing as the scenery blurs by, it’s utterly addictive. It is easy to see how with all this excitement in the air first time motorcycle riders spend all their money on their …

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