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From the first time you twisted the throttle full-bore to the first time you hit the mountain back roads, there’s something undeniably special about motorcycling. There’s nothing else quite like it, and there’s no better way to connect with the road.

At BestBeginnerMotorcycles, we create and curate content designed to help new riders keep the rubber side down and quickly learn the skills and techniques they’ll need to enjoy their two-wheeled machines to their fullest. From protective equipment to riding techniques – and everything in-between – you’ll find a wealth of information dutifully prepared for you by seasoned riders and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Welcome to BBM: Riding, Reviewing, and Raving About All Things Motorcycles.

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Starting from the Beginning “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” -Aristotle I’m the kind of person who does their homework before tackling a new project or goal. I like to spend some quality time reading about (or better yet watching) how other people have …

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Several factors come into play when choosing a motorcycle to fit you the best. Most of them are fairly obvious. If you’re quite tall you’ll be looking at ones that are taller and longer while smaller riders will lean towards ones with a shorter overall length and seat height. Knowing your personal limitations and preferences …

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That takes me back… Recently while driving home I came across a sight that I never pass without stopping to offer help: a motorcyclist in distress due to some kind of mechanical failure. There are two tell tale signs of this situation; Someone standing beside their bike on the side of the road –looking panicked– …

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  Whilst Walt Disney World, the Grand Canyon National Park, New York City and San Francisco attract thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of visitors to America each year, iconic motorcycle roads entice just as big of audience, but often forgotten amongst the iconic shopping malls, delicious food and infamous landmarks, yet are one of …

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Suzuki V-Strom

Touring For New Riders When it comes to long distance riding, the main two elements desired in a motorcycle are rider comfort and the ability to maintain highway speeds comfortably. You won’t last more than a few hours (at most) if you lose all feeling in your lower extremities due to the physical discomfort caused …

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Dual sport motorcycles are an exciting yet practical choice for beginning your two-wheeled riding experience. They are especially appropriate if you grew up riding off road and still wish to have the flexibility to spend part of your riding time there (without having to shell out more money for a second set of wheels). Dual …

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Kawasaki Ninja

If you’re looking to acquire your first sport bike on the journey to becoming a confident and competent motorcycle rider here is a list of can’t miss bikes and tips just for you. Pick a Good Fit By this I mean pick a bike you feel comfortable sitting on and can reach the ground flat …

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Suzuki Savage LS650/S40 Boulevard

If you’re looking to roam highways and byways in laid back, cool comfort while also keeping the price of ownership on the level, here is a list of can’t miss bikes and tips just for you. Low Rider Is Best Pick a bike that allows you to reach the ground flat-footed. With cruisers, this is …

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Like Death and Taxes, Change is Certain Some choose to view change as a progressive opportunity in their life while others sadly fight against it as they bemoan the exodus from their comfort zone. That’s so unfortunate because, in my experience, the most growth gained comes outside our cozy bubbles of habit and complacency. When …

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Preparing Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage

I live in Canada and I’m a motorcyclist. It’s late September, the leaves are changing colour and there are more on the ground now than still clinging to branches. Some people still are walking around in shorts defiantly, but the anxious look in their eyes says… winter is coming! Thankfully we don’t have George RR …

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The 5 Pieces of Gear You Need to Ride a Motorcycle

5 Pieces of Gear You Need to Ride a Motorcycle Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous. According to NHTSA data, motorcycling is 33 times more dangerous than driving a car. There is a saying in motorcycle culture that there are two types of riders: Those who have crashed, and those who haven’t crashed yet. Don’t let …

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ultimate guide motorcycle helmets

Picking the Best Motorcycle Helmet – The Ultimate Buying Guide When it comes to buying riding gear, no piece of equipment is more important than a good motorcycle helmet. Protecting a motorcycle rider’s head is serious business, but with so many styles and brands on the market, choosing a motorcycle helmet can be as difficult …

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Affordable Motorcycle Protective Gear

  Gear Guide: Affordable Motorcycle Protective Gear A lot of people when buying their first motorcycle spend every cent on the bike itself, but leave barely any left to buy some decent motorcycle gear. This article will show you that you can get some good gear for only a few hundred bucks. In this motorcycle …

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You, Me, & 650cc’s: The Best Starter Bikes for Two-Up Riding So you’ve mastered the basics of riding alone on a motorcycle, and now you find yourself bringing along a partner. Riding two-up, colloquially known as having a Pillion, brings its own unique set of challenges. Not only are you responsible for your passengers safety, …

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Great Bikes for Heavier Riders

Three Great Starter Motorcycles for Heavier People So you’ve been bitten by the bug I call motorcyclus riderus and as a result have come down with a serious case of the bike fever, eh? It infects all different kinds of people, from many different walks of life and body types. The joy of riding knows …

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best motorcycle helmet brands

Top Motorcycle Helmet Brands Motorcycle riding is one of the most exciting experiences in life. The adrenaline, the speed, the sheer feeling of air rushing as the scenery blurs by, it’s utterly addictive. It is easy to see how with all this excitement in the air first time motorcycle riders spend all their money on their …

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Motorcycle Reviews

SV650 Review

Suzuki SV650 Review The Suzuki SV650 is a motorcycle that is hard to pin down. Most motorcycles that are great for the experienced rider are much too powerful for someone new to the hobby of motorcycling. On the other hand, most beginner motorcycles don’t have the power of 600cc’s or liter bikes, and that can …

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yamaha tw200 review

Yamaha TW200 Review There are few bikes with as much personality as the Yamaha TW200. I normally ride street bikes, and the TW200 is actually the first dirt bike I ever had the chance to ride. It’s fun, bouncy (compared to a street bike), and a blast to ride on the street or the dirt. I got …

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Honda rebel review

Honda Rebel 250 Review The Honda Rebel 250 is one of the first motorcycles I ever got a chance to ride. This is because they are often times the bike you get to learn on while taking the MSF course. This isn’t just a motorcycle to learn on though, it’s a great bike that can …

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The 5 Best Motorcycle Engine Oils That Will Protect Your Engine And Keep Your Motor Running Like New Is it time to change the oil in your bike? We review 5 of the best motorcycle engine oils that will help protect your motor against cold starts and heat stress. You should change the oil at …

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5 Best Batteries for Harley Davidson Bikes

5 Best Batteries for Harley Davidson Bikes Does your Harley have a weak battery? Stop me if you know this scenario. Sometimes the engine cranks just fine, but other times you only hear an annoying ‘click, click, click’ noise when you push the starter button. Love those days right. Of course, your first recourse is to …

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2017 Top Touring Motorcycle Helmets Nothing beats the feeling of the wind and road whipping past you as you feel every ounce of horsepower charge through your bike. Nothing kills that adrenaline rush faster than an accident. Sure you’ve taken on board the idea of riding motorcycles either as a hobbyist or a functional mode …

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