2023 Himiway Cobra Pro eMTB

One of the most powerful eMTB's currently on the market for under $4,000

You can read the full review of the Himiway Cobra Pro on our sister site, webBikeWorld.

For a few years now, eBikes have emerged as one of the fastest growing segments in both recreation and viable modes of getting around. In fact, it could be argued that an eBike has more access for commuting and/or regular runabout duties than a motorcycle because of many cities today having dedicated bike lanes and pathway systems that allow for bikes to travel on them away from the roads. There has also been an explosion of sorts in the commuting style of many, as an eBike with a removable and rechargeable battery can take advantage of those bike lanes and pathways, as well as its onboard electric motor, to make the trip fun, effortless, and efficient.

On the other hand, there are some more “hardcore” eBikes out there that eschew the idea of commuting and focus on the pure fun aspect of riding. It’s why we motorcyclists usually have a street bike, and if space/finances allow, a dedicated “toy.” It could be a Honda GROM for little runabout rides on a ridiculously tiny smile-per-mile machine, or a trail bike or dual sport to get down and dirty on the weekends. It is in that latter category, the muddy, dirty, grass-between-your-teeth style, that one of Himiway’s latest eBikes has been made for.

The Himiway Cobra Pro was designed from the outset to be a powerful off-road trail crushing machine. Powered by a top-tier Bafang M620 1000W mid-drive motor, with a peak output potential of 1,200W, this eMTB (electric Mountain bike) is no slouch, as on top of that maximum wattage, it also provides up to 160 Nm of torque, which is roughly equivalent to 118 lbs-ft. Consider that not many motorcycles achieve that amount of torque, and you can begin to understand why the Cobra Pro is a bit of a monster off-roader.


Priced at $3,999 USD, it is not what one would label as “cheap,” but for every cent of that, you get an eBike that is infinitely capable of pretty much anything you ask of it. The Cobra Pro is one of the few eBikes that has full suspension, with adjustable inverted forks on the front that are air suspension instead of the cheaper and more standard coil-over-hydraulic setup, and a quad-link rear suspension that absorbs even the roughest bumps and bangs without complaint.


The Cobra Pro also has some of the widest tires fitted to any eBike at 4.8 inches wide by 26 inches diameter, which makes it as wide or wider than many motorcycle front tires. These tires are knobbly with an aggressive grip pattern, designed to grab into any surface, loose or paved, and provide traction. These tires are also one of the biggest issues with the bike, in the sense that they need the electric motor to provide the torque needed to move them. You can pedal along without pedal assist or the battery being charged just fine on flat ground or downhill, but even the slightest incline will prove to be insurmountable because of the contact patch being larger than 99.9% of people can provide force with their legs to overcome.

Another reason that those tires are an issue is to do with weight. A typical mountain bike might run in the range of 30 to 45 lbs, while a high end model made of exotic materials might only tip the scales at 20 or so lbs. The Himiway Cobra Pro, however, tips the scale at a full 90 lbs, due to the tires, the motor, the battery, and the aluminum frame construction. This makes the eBike both very heavy, and due to the width of the tires, very difficult to mount on any type of bike rack or transport system attached to the back of your car or truck. It almost needs a motorcycle trailer to be transported viably, which can be a huge detriment if you want to take the bike out of the city to the trails.

Conversely, when you do get it to those trails, there is not much out there for less than $4,000 that can match its power, comfortable suspension, amazing grip on any surface, and fun factor.

You can read the full review of the Himiway Cobra Pro on our sister site, webBikeWorld, which gives you a much more in depth look at all the above summary points and more!