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600cc starter bike

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SV650 Review

2007-Suzuki-SV650 riding_0_0.jpg The SV650 is a powerhouse of a beginner bike that will leave you grinning and excited to get on the road. .... READ MORE>> 

Reviews, Tips and Beginner Guides for New Motorcycle Riders


​Suzuki TU250x Review

TU250x_0.jpgThere aren’t that many single cylinder motorcycles out there when compared to twins and inline-fours. This little Suzuki proves you can have big fun with a smaller motorcycle. With it’s classic lines and thumping engine, this is an ideal bike for a smaller rider or someone who wants something to commute around town. If you are a new rider, or even just someone who wants some cheap transportation, read on to find out why this bike rocks.

The Must Have Tools to Maintain Your Motorcycle

small_female mechanic.jpgBefore I owned a motorcycle I was mechanically inept. A great example of this is I didn’t realize that you needed to change your engine oil at regular intervals. This led to me burning up all the oil in my 1989 Chevy Suburban and destroying the water pump. Motorcycles need even more maintenance than cars, so here is a list of all of the tools you will need to do your own wrenching.

Honda Shadow VLX Review

2005 honda shadow VLX_0_0.jpgThe Honda Shadow is a motorcycle that has been around for decades. Between 1988 and 2008 Honda produced the VLX version of the Shadow (also known as the VT600c). It is a great introductory cruiser with enough power to make highway riding comfortable and easy. After all, that’s what cruisers do best and this Shadow is at home on the open road! Read on to find out why you should consider the VLX if you are a fan of cruisers.

Kawasaki Vulcan S Review

vulcansmall.jpgThe Kawasaki Vulcan has been a mainstay of japanese cruisers for decades. It combines the precise engineering Kawasaki is known for with a modern style that can’t be beat. Perhaps one of the best beginner cruisers available right now is the Vulcan type S. Imagine the looks of the Harley V-rod at less than half the price. Now that is bound to get some attention!

The 5 Pieces of Gear You Need to Ride a Motorcycle

girlmotorcyclehelmet_0.jpgRiding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous. According to NHTSA data, motorcycling is 33 times more dangerous than driving a car. There is a saying in motorcycle culture that there are two types of riders: Those who have crashed, and those who haven't crashed yet. 

Don't let that scare you off, with the proper gear you can enjoy how amazing riding is while keeping your skin on your body.

Best Starter Motorcycles for 2015

best-beginner-motorcycles-2015.jpgEvery year there are brand new motorcycle released by the major manufacturers. Some of them are variations on classics, others are completely new designs. Lately there has been a trend of catering to the new rider, and those that like lower displacement motorcycles. Maybe people are starting to realize how inexpensive they are to operate and how fun they can be on the street!

Kawasaki Ninja 300 Review

whiteninja300_0_0.jpgFor decades Kawasaki has been one of the steadfast manufacturers that build smaller motorcycles aimed at new riders. The Ninja 250 is an iconic bike that got a serious facelift in 2008. A few years later, Kawasaki released the next evolution of that bike: The Ninja 300. It's an improvement on the Ninja 250 in every way, in fact it just might be the best beginner motorcycle.


KTM Duke 390 Review

ktm-duke-390_0.jpgThe KTM Duke 390 is a beast of a motorcycle. It's light weight, easy to handle, yet it has the torque you need to make it fun on the streets and safe on the freeway. It might just be in the top 5 best beginner motorcycles out there.


Tips for Your First Month of Riding a Motorcycle

medium_calendar.jpgYou've done it, you have decided you want to ride a motorcycle. Congratulations, you are in for quite the ride (haha! Oh I love my bad puns). This article is to prepare you for your first month of riding. I remember during my first month there were many scares, many stupid mistakes, and even once where I dropped the motorcycle. This article will hopefully prepare you and let you avoid some of the errors I made.

Viking Cycle - Ironside Jacket Review, A great first jacket!

There are a few pieces of gear that every rider should include in their standard riding kit, even if they don’t use them every time.  Those pieces include a helmet, gloves, boots, pants, and the focus of this particular review, a jacket.  There are several factors that a rider will consider when choosing each of these items.

Viking Bags - Large Tank Bag Review

Viking Bags Large Tank Bag When you own a motorcycle and use it for errands and around town transportation, often times need to carry things. Sometimes you can hold things in a jacket pocket, or maybe in your pants pocket, but usually you need something a bit larger. The first time a new rider runs into this problem they may grab a backpack that they have lying around in order to carry some extra things.

2013 Top 6 Motovloggers to watch on youtube!

If there is one thing I search a lot for on youtube, it’s motovloggers. I’ve been without a motorcycle for about four years now, and to get my two-wheeled fix I count on people recording themselves riding. As I save up for my next bike, I am reminded of a time before I started riding where I was researching everything I could about motorcycle riding. If youtube had been around then, I’m sure that I would have watched dozens of motovlogs in an effort to learn more about the riding experience. I’ve put together my list of the top 6 motovloggers I watch on a regular basis. Here goes!

How to Survive with no Car and Only a Motorcycle

How difficult will life be if I get rid of my car and only have a motorcycle? That is a question that I remember asking about 4 years ago after I bought my first motorcycle, a 2002 Suzuki GS500. At the time I had a 1989 Chevy Suburban as my secondary vehicle, but I rarely took it out because of the stress of driving such a large (and gas hungry) car. Eventually the suburban broke down and I sold it thus starting my foray into living without a four wheeled cage. Sure, things might be a little tough, but it can't be THAT hard to get around with only a motorcycle right? Here is what I have learned being car-less for the last few years. 

Four Ways to Save Money by Riding a Motorcycle

In these tough economic times people are trying to find any way possible to save money. If you do it properly, riding a motorcycle can save you a ton of cash while at the same time being a really fun way to commute. We all know riding a motorbike is a lot cooler than clipping coupons!

Top 5 Reasons to Start on a 250cc Motorcycle

There are many different reasons to start your motorcycle riding career on a smaller bike. You may not have considered something in a 250cc class before, but by the end of this article you will have a few really solid reasons to consider them for your first bike. Here are few of the BEST reasons that may convince you to pick up that 250cc motorcycle.