The Four Most Affordable Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

women's motorcycle helmet

Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmets Every Female Rider Can Afford

Every day more and more women take up motorcycle riding and it is exciting to see the motorcycle helmet brands really starting to create unique women’s helmets that are built from scratch to better serve their needs.

Women’s helmets are not exactly like men’s helmet in a number of key areas. Firstly, the sizing is different. Secondly the styles, colors, shapes and designs are different on the best women’s motorcycle helmet so that women don’t have to ride around in the same boring black and grey helmets that guys love. Wearing a protective helmet is important but so is looking good and some of the women’s helmets look fabulous. Pink, HOT pink, and girly helmets. Women no longer have to wear a men’s helmet and finally have great choices specifically manufactured as a women’s motorcycle helmet.

Why choose a women’s motorcycle helmet?

Women’s helmets are designed just for women so in big and small ways they are more tailored. Women can be benefit by wearing a women’s motorcycle helmets in a few ways:

  • Better fit means a higher level of safety and less likelihood of skull banging around in a fall.
  • Shape and padding make the helmet more comfortable for women
  • Weight is often lighter for women’s helmets which is both a safety and fatigue factor

Tips for taking care of a women’s motorcycle helmet

The good news is that maintenance of a women’s helmet is the same for any helmet. The steps are straightforward:

  • Keeping water over your helmet would not be good.
  • Try to avoid burning that in the sun as less as you can
  • Try to stay away from dust the limit you can.
  • Using a fiber to clean your women helmet is always good and suggested.
  • To clean the glass of a women motorcycle helmet, try to use a separate cloth.
  • Don’t use your helmet roughly to ensure its longevity.

Our Top Recommended Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

1. Gloss Pink Japanese Style Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet DOT (S)

This is a great women’s helmet made by IV2. It has impact absorption lining and it lightweight which makes it perfect for longer rides.

There are some great designs and colors to choose from and the size options are varied enough that women can get the perfect fitting helmet that is both comfortable and safe.

Ventilation system works pretty well and for women with long hair (like my wife) it is comfortable inside the helmet and doesn’t get too sweaty (can’t promise you won’t get helmet hair of course). It body is made of stainless steel.

You can easily wash its interior. Y

Things We Liked

  • It has high customer ratings online
  • Women owners we spoke to loved the helmet
  • Solid protection
  • Comfortable and lightweight

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A few customers complained about a lot of road noise
  • Women didn’t love the aerodynamics (felt like it put pressure on their necks when at speed)

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2. Matte White Pink Butterfly Full Face Helmet

One of the best women helmets you can get. IV2 makes this women’s helmet too and they clearly know their stuff when it comes to producing great women’s motorcycle helmets.

We love the awesome matte white color, feminine and really modern helmet design combines well.

This helmet is approved by ANSI and DOT. There are separate visors available. The helmet is made of a Fiber Reinforced, ABS Thermal Plastic Composite material, with EPS Impact Foam.

The inner is comfortable and properly cushioned, we found it comfortable without being too tight. The cheek pads come out too which makes cleaning easier. There are six sizes to choose from so getting a helmet to fit you perfectly shouldn’t be an issue.

The ventilation system worked well and kept us comfortable on a 3 hour ride on a 70 degree New York afternoon.

Things We Liked

  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • Cool design is modern and feminine.
  • Check pads and liner can be removed easily for cleaning.
  • There are at least seven ventilation points and it works.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Few people complaints about the tint quoting.
  • There is no Snell approval.
  • Aero not perfect so higher speed riding can be fatiguing.

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3. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular Helmet

The 1Stormmade is a solid women’s motorcycle helmet. It is also reasonably priced (which is always nice).

The entire shell of this helmet is composite and we found the fit to be awesome.

Really comfort helmet. You could easily wear this helmet all day long without any discomfort.

The helmet is also DOT approved and there are lots of sizes.

The finishing is very good at this one. The padding is removable and you can wash that easily.

Things We Liked

  • This helmet restricts wind noises and buffering too.
  • It can deploy it in a single touch.
  • Ventilation system works superbly.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A few users found that sizing was a problem
  • Choice of colors is limited.
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4. Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor (Large)

IV2 is at it again with this women’s helmet.

This cool matte black colored helmet is finished in double lacquer and it looks aggressive and modern. We love it.

Like other IV2 made helmets you can remove the lining of this helmet and clean it really easily.

Ventilation is superb with multiple vents that really worked well compared to other helmets we tested.

It is DOT certified and two visors are available with this helmet. You can change parts of this helmet.

Things We Liked

  • It is small in size that allows more portability.
  • You can receive five year long warranty with this helmet.
  • You can receive the product with two days prior of making the order.
  • It is light in weight.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This helmet is only for adults, though it is small in size.
  • There is no color variety possible.
  • Limited availability means it could be hard to find.
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Frequently asked questions about Women’s Helmets

Q. I’m not getting the size I’m looking for at the page? I want to buy helmet for my daughter, please help me out!

A. Actually size varies, and you can get kids motorcycle helmets too. One thing you should note down, not all producers produce kids helmet. So it would not be wise to get an adult helmet for your kid. Try searching in a way so you can get kids helmet easily.

Q. Is it possible to get Bluetooth devices in a women’s helmet?

A. Why not, Bluetooth devices can be installed in any sorts of helmet and the women’s’ tends to like that feature too.

Q. How dual visor can help the rider while driving? To my opinion it will make the weight higher of the helmet! Who likes a helmet that is not light!

A. Actually an additional visor would increase some weight no doubt. But it has many good things. Say as when a road is dark, someone can use while transparent visor. Again when the environment is sunny, to protect from UV you can use black tinted visor. So you have two options to choose. Considering the facility it would provide someone would consider a bit weight. By the way, the additional weight is really nominal.

Q. I want to know whether my helmet is Snell rated!

A. Actually to ensure that your helmet is good, you can check for DOT or ANSI approval. Snell rating is nothing important, so you should not think much about it.


You get is pretty well that a women motorcycle helmet serves the purpose of a women and there are ample differences amid of a men’s helmet. One you finished reading this article you know it that for more than one reason someone should remain cautious while biking and there are the points where the importance of wearing helmet lies. So a women and as a bike rider/driver, your sole duty is to ensure you have a good helmet in your casket and you wear those every time in you are at course of travelling.