Amazon vs Walmart vs RevZilla Motorcycle Gear


Amazon vs Walmart vs RevZilla. Where to Get Your Motorcycle Gear

So you’ve decided to buy some head gear to go with your new two-wheeler. But, now comes the question of where to buy such a piece of equipment. It is a question we get a lot from our readers.

The three obvious choices are Walmart, Amazon. They offer the greatest selection of, well, pretty much anything. In this light, let’s check what kind of benefits these two titans have to offer, and then you can make your decision more easily. Amazon vs Walmart vs , go! RevZilla is more of the “motorcycle” specialist store, with amazing support and a team full of gear heads who know more about motorcycle gear then you could ever imagine. Lets take a look under the hood.

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As we have said above, Walmart and Amazon have the widest selections of products across every conceivable category. From the smallest thing to the largest, anything can be found either on the shelves of Walmart, or online at Amazon.

We looked at helmets to start with and compared Amazon vs Walmart. Both retailers had a good selection of DOT and SNELL approved helmets on sale. WalMart’s range was on the cheaper side which is great for beginners but lacked some solid and obvious mainstream helmets we think they should carry. That was disappointing. Amazon had a wider selection across all price points and several options for each major brand and helmet type. Amazon sells second-hand helmets too, so you can get a good helmet at half price, while in Walmart, you can only buy brand new items.

RevZilla really can be best described as quality over quantity. While they have a broad selection the thing we love about RevZilla is how they simplify choices. For example, if a helmet model is out of date, RevZilla will redirect the old pages to the newest version of that helmet. When you consider that old items are discontinued every year and new stuff comes out, this simple process makes all the difference. You know on RevZilla that you’re buying the latest and greatest, not always something that happens on WalMart and especially on Amazon.


An issue of importance for customers is the convenience of the store and its service. Again, Amazon and Walmart are neck and neck in this department. Shipping is fast and reliable.

Walmart has introduced the “Click and Collect” action where you can order the item of your choosing online form their “Omnichannel” and then pick it up from the nearest store, or you can have the local courier deliver it to your doorstep. Nice feature and especially cool if you live near a Wal Mart.

However, Amazon might have the upper hand when it comes to delivery, because on Amazon you have the “same day delivery” option if you are in a hurry. This is especially convenient if you are out of town or are otherwise engaged at work or similar, and don’t have the time to go to the store.

RevZilla’s shipping is reasonably fast, but this is an area where the titans have the upper hand with their massive distribution footprint.

Price ranges

The price ranges for the best motorcycle gear are similar with Walmart and Amazon. RevZilla is often slightly more expensive, but in most examples we found that its close enough.  Amazon carrying second hand helmets clearly is a big deal for finding more affordable options so thats something to think about if you’re on a budget or just starting out and don’t want to spend big on gear.


Other things to consider

One other thing to consider when buying motorcycle gear is the knowledge and support of staff. Broadly, WalMart and Amazon has amazing support, and great returns policies. Clearly trying on motorcycle gear is impossible on Amazon, so WalMart wins that battle. If you’re in the Philly area you can also stop by RevZilla.  When buying off Amazon, you can’t do that.

However, when you consider expert help this is where RevZilla stands out. Sure, Amazon has amazing customer reviews so you can tell a lot about a product, but Amazon doesn’t have motorcycle experts. Every person I’ve ever spoken to a RevZilla is a total motorcycle and gear head, they know their shit. Hands down, RevZilla wins the battle for customer support and subject matter expertise. Its not even close.

Final Word

All in all, WalMart falls short in our world. Amazon and RevZilla just have a way better selection, next level support and win our battle. Amazon’s prices are hard to beat and the selection is massive. RevZilla on the other hand has a great selection and clearly wins our customer support and knowledge war, with a team that just knows their stuff better than anybody else. Amazon is the everything store and we love those guys too. 


The Winners. The Best Places to Buy Your Motorcycle Gear

Both Amazon and Revzilla have a big selection of motorcycle gear, amazing support and great teams to help you understand the products they sell. We highly recommend both:

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Free shipping on orders over $40
30-day no-nonsense return policy
Excellent selection of all major brands
Awesome pricing

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Free shipping (with Amazon Prime)
30-day return policy
Excellent selection
Competitive pricing

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