Sena SMH5D-02 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Review

Sena SMH5D-02 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Review
Final Say
You simply cannot beat the Sena SMH5D-02 motorcycle headset kit with regards to value for your money. This motorcycle intercom is well worth every penny.
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Hands on Review: Sena SMH5D-02 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Review

Tagged by Sena as their basic communication tool for motorcycle riders but considered by riders themselves as anything but basic, the Sena SMH5D-02 Bluetooth Intercom Full-Face Helmet Kit is a small but very functional intercom designed specifically for motorcycle riders.

Through attaching this Bluetooth headset to the helmet, one can start enjoying hands-free calls or even listen to music from your mobile phone through the wonders of Bluetooth. It features advanced digital processing technology which constitutes for an excellent sound quality.

The Sena SMH5D-02 can also be used as a two-way intercom where you can talk clearly with your passenger at the back or with another motorcycle rider who you are traveling with. It is simple to use, works efficiently with high-quality sound, and reasonable price given its durability and first-rate features.

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This helmet kit by Sena comes in either a pack of two (see picture) or single unit. If you expect to be traveling frequently with somebody, you will save more from purchasing the pack of two. Here are its other specifications:

  • Universal Intercom for pairing with other types of Bluetooth headsets
  • Bluetooth Intercom of up to 400 meters or 430 yards in an open space
  • Wireless Bluetooth v3.0
  • Multi-pair Bluetooth Intercom of up to four other headsets
  • Hands-free calls
  • Individual volume
  • Integrated audio booster and playback control
  • Bluetooth stereo headset by A2DP
  • Bluetooth music – playback control by AVRCP, play, pause, track forward, and track back
  • SMH5 speakers with locking-type connector
  • GPS navigation device pair able
  • Water resistant
  • Features 8 hours talk time and 7 days stand-by time
  • Weighs only 1 pound
  • Comes with included lithium-ion battery
  • Measures 8.3 x 5.6 x 3 inches

Useful Features and Benefits

Especially designed for full-face helmets, the Sena SMH5D-02 intercom kit makes it possible for motorcycle riders to still talk and listen to music without compromising their safety. Check out these useful features and the amazing benefits that come with it

Bluetooth v3.0 Wireless

This totally eliminates the need for winding cords that even pose danger for motorcycle drivers as they traverse long, winding, or busted city roads. With this, they can freely talk to their passenger or to other motorcycle riders safely. In addition, they can also enjoy good music that can keep them awake after a long day’s work through this Bluetooth headset with easy-to-access and intuitive button operations.

Voice Prompt

Despite having easy to access buttons, this Sena SMH5D-02 Bluetooth Headset kit is also equipped with voice prompt which further promotes safety. With this feature, riders can operate various functions without having to take their hands off the motorcycle.

Easy Installation

The Sena SMH5D-02 motorcycle intercom is designed to fit almost all types of full-face helmets ensuring that installation will be quick and easy. In fact, you can even install, remove, and transfer it to another helmet if you like.

Areas for Improvement


The Sena SMH5D-02 intercom is without a doubt a great headset for motorcycle riders. Consumers who have already bought this are overall really pleased though they say that the speakers could use some improvement especially for music but they work excellently for conversations.

Range is limited but the great thing is that it automatically reconnects once the headsets are within range again. If you require a longer range intercom, read our review of the Sena SMH10D-11.

The Final Verdict

You simply cannot beat the Sena SMH5D-02 motorcycle headset kit with regards to value for your money. This motorcycle intercom is well worth every penny. Besides affordable, it’s durable and works great either for music or calls that most consumers bought another pair for their loved ones.

Buying the Sena SMH5D-02

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