German Motorcycle Helmet

German Motorcycle Helmets: Unique, Stylish And Formidable

German motorcycle helmets are one of the most popular products made by Germany in the world today. There is a huge demand for German motorcycle helmets because they have a unique design that reminds motorcycle riders of World War II motorcycle culture and that iconic image you see above. German helmets are different from other helmets and not everybody likes these helmets. They aren’t on top of our list in terms of total protection but given their popularity we decided to rank the best German helmets in order to help you make a smart buying decision.

Top 5 Best Ranked German Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmet





Daytona German Basic/Custom Cruiser




4 Stars

Novelty German Flat Black Chopper Biker




3 Stars

Goggles Vintage German Style Half Helmet

A+ A+ $$ 3 Stars

Novelty German Chrome Chopper Biker

A A $$ 3.5 Stars

Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL65 HH Series

A+ A $$$ 3 Stars

Things About German Motorcycle Helmets

Men have a huge fascination about motorcycles. This fascination has not declined a bit, but on the contrary, it has surged. When it comes to automobiles, there is no comparison with the German technology, as they have always remained a step ahead of other manufacturers. Motorcycles were first seen in World War II, when soldiers needed an easy and light mode of conveyance to move from one place to another. Four wheelers are good, but there are places where they can’t reach, and this is where motorcycles stole the show.


An important thing that I would like to mention about the soldiers who rode those motorcycles is that they always wore helmets and other protective gears while riding the motorcycles because they knew the importance of their lives. The style of protective gears they used in that period still exist today and many motorcycle riders prefer them in their day-to-day rides. German motorcycle helmets are one such product that remains highly popular among the bike riders

What’s so special in German motorcycle helmets?

The German motorcycle helmet was intended to have a comparative appearance as the old World War helmets. A wide range of options of this configuration has come to fruition throughout the years, all of which have been made to give the same look and feel of the German helmet, yet none have been around as same as that of the traditional design.

It used to be this design was just available in the oddity style helmets and was used as a method for division from whatever is left of the helmets available, however, there have been numerous German bike helmets made that meet the gauges of the DOT, which likewise implies that they are greater and bulkier.

This helmet configuration takes after that of a shell on a turtle and sits on the highest point of your head and rests simply over the eyebrow of the rider. The helmet accompanies a button strap that is commonly cushioned keeping in mind the end goal to give more solace to the rider. There is no face cover available for this configuration and the helmets regularly come in the shading dark or chrome, in spite of the fact that there are some that come in pink for the female motorcyclists.

Materials used in German motorcycle helmets

German motorcycle helmets, as most different helmets, are ordinarily made with a poly-carbonate material that is exceptionally intense and tough. They also can be made of carbon fiber, which is a considerably more grounded material and has a totally diverse look than the customary material. To the extent the completion goes, there are various diverse choices available, including level, gleam, and significantly cowhide. You can even embellish your helmet purchase putting fire stickers, or any sort of sticker so far as that is concerned, or you can even connect spikes to the highest point of the helmet to give somewhat more state of mind.

Things to keep in mind while buying a German motorcycle helmet

It’s important to keep in mind that the size is the most vital perspective to consider when buying your helmet and with a specific end goal to get an exact measurement, you’ll need to utilize a material measuring tape. It may even be a smart thought to take the help of an expert to do the measuring, with the goal that you can get the most exact measurement conceivable. You’ll need to gauge around your head and place the measuring tape right around an inch up from your eyebrows. When you’ve decided the measurement of your head, check the measuring diagram to locate the size that will fit you best. On the off chance that you have a measurement that terrains between two size extents, then pick the littler of the two.


You might need to think about buying as some great quality riding shades or other type of protection for your eyes subsequent to there is no face shield available with the German bike helmets. There are numerous mainstream sorts of goggles that you can buy that arrive in a grouping of hues that will make certain to fit your inclination.

The design with which the German motorcycle helmets is made is one of the most established designs in the historical backdrop of the helmet and is also one of the most accredited designs today. Regardless of what type of finish you pick, level, reflexive, calfskin, there is a style, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true for you. It’s dependent upon you to set aside an ideal opportunity to do the exploration to figure out which one will best suit your needs.

Best German Motorcycle Helmets In The World Today

1. Novelty German Chrome Chopper Biker

This is a top-class motorcycle helmet that is made up of a lightweight fiberglass shell which is good enough to protect the head of the riders as they ride their motorcycles on the busy roads. It isn’t the final word in ultimate safety, but the material is strong enough that it will do a decent job protecting you in a fall.

This helmet is not certified by DOT, but it has all the features that a certified helmet has. We prefer full-face helmets but if you must use this helmet type then this is one of the safer ones we found.

Riders won’t have any problem fitting their heads into the helmet as sizing works for most head types. There is minimum cushion in the helmet which means getting a snug fit is hard. The counter being that the helmet is lightweight which is nice on longer rides.

Pros and Cons of the German Chrome Chopper helmet:


  • The helmet comes with a chin strap that can be fastened with Ratchet clip and a Y-strap.
  • The inner lining of the helmet is pretty comfortable for a low profile helmet.
  • The material used in the helmet is of the best quality, so there is nothing to worry in terms of safety.


  • This helmet is not certified by DOT

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon

2. IV2 “3D SKULL”

This is the most stylish helmets on our list. This helmet is specifically designed for those who want to look cool. It’s skull design is menacing and really aggressive, you will definitely freak some people out when you’re out on the road.

Beginners won’t like this helmet because is has a smaller field of vision from the face mask. Bad visibility and an unorthodox feel mean this is only for the most advanced riders.

Following the footsteps of other German motorcycle helmets, the IV2 3D SKULL helmet is really lightweight and comfortable as a result.

To be clear, this is a helmet we don’t love. Yes it is cool and makes our list because it is a very popular model that we felt we had to review. The visibility issues and lack of additional protection are big issues in our opinion.

Pros and Cons of the IV2 “3D SKULL” helmet


  • Meets and Exceeds DOT Requirements (FMVSS.218)
  • The helmet comes with an inner liner that can absorb EPS impact easily.
  • This is a low profile helmet that makes it a lot more comfortable for the riders.
  • Dual D rings strap fastens pretty quickly and keeps the right position of the head.
  • The chin strap is also adjustable.


  • No protection for lower part of the face.
  • Removable Lenses with Replacements Sold Separately
  • The rear adjuster strap is a bit short
  • Not safe enough
  • Bad visibility

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon

3. HCI-115 Half Helmet

This is another German motorcycle helmet that is topping the charts right now in terms of popularity. An unconventional style, quality materials and comfort make this helmet a favorite amongst enthusiasts.

Like all other German motorcycle helmets, this one also weighs less, which makes it easier for bike riders to wear it on long rides. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of the helmet.

HCI-115 Half Helmet Features Include

Medium Helmet Inside Circumference – 21 3/4-22, 3/8 Inches (56-57cm), Stainless Steel Dual D-Rings, USA safety approval DOT FMVSS218 standard, Polycarbonate shell, Brand New in the Box with Tags Attached!

HCI-115 Half Helmet Pros & Cons


  • The helmet has quality plush interior that is comfortable as well.
  • The color combination and the use of graphics is just perfect.
  • The helmet is made from diverse shells, which enhances the safety aspects of the helmet.
  • Riders will get a helmet bag to carry the helmet if not in use.


  • No protection given to the face
  • The protection is only limited to the head.

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon

4. Matt Black By X4

This is a highly lightweight motorcycle helmet that just weighs 28 ounces. People can buy from extra small size to double extra size, but the maximum weight of the helmet doesn’t exceed 28 ounces. The less weight of the helmet makes it an extremely comfortable helmet. This helmet sits low on the head, thus has the name ‘Low Profile’.

Many bike riders love this helmet because they don’t feel like if they are wearing anything on the head. But, there is no compromise on the quality part because the material used in the helmet is pretty solid and provide complete protection to the head during accidents.

Matt Black By X4 Helmet Pros & Cons


  • Riders can move their heads and necks freely
  • Good visibility.
  • It is pretty easy to fasten the helmet, as it comes with D-rings
  • The helmet comes with a helmet bag
  • Comfortable and affordable helmet for day-to-day use.


  • If you get the size of the helmet wrong, it move dangerously at speed
  • Not safe enough

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon

5. DOT 115 By HCI

DOT German Motorcycle Helmets have been used since WWII. Back then, it was the German soldiers who wore it in the war against the Allied Forces, but now, people from all around the world wear these helmets. The motive for wearing these helmets remain the same, i.e., protection of the head during accidents.

These are open face helmets, as they military personals used to wear it. There are two versions of these helmets that are available in the market- DOT and Novelty German Motorcycle Helmets. DOT German Helmets are certified and manufactured in accordance to the safety standards laid out by the countries. Novelty Helmets don’t follow all the safety standards.

DOT 115 By HCI Pros & Cons


  • The helmet is an open face helmet, has great visibility
  • DOT approved
  • This is an extremely lightweight helmet


  • The helmet provides protection to the head and not to the entire face.
  • Open face style isn’t as safe as full-face helmet

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon

Why Choose A German Motorcycle Helmet?

German Motorcycle Helmets are totally different from other helmets. They look awesome.

While they aren’t the safest helmets on the market they do have a nice balance between comfort, safety and features that modern motorcycle riders expect from a helmet. They compete neck to neck with all other types of helmets in that respect.

Even we would admit that in some cases their features do exceed the expectations of the customers, especially when it comes to comfort, lightness and visibility. German quality has been tried and tested too so you know the quality of these helmets is high.

german motorcycle helmet

German Motorcycle Helmets Are Easy to Use & Clean

The best thing about a German helmet is that it is so easy to use.

Just unclip the chin strap, wear the helmet, adjust it to fit your head, fasten the chin strap and go. Cleaning these helmets is also really easy, as riders can use a soft cloth soaked in the mixture of water and detergent. Rub it gently, then clean it with a dry cloth. This will clean the helmet and make it look like new.

Frequently Asked Questions About German Motorcycle Helmets

Question: Are these helmets available in multiple sizes?

Yes, these helmets are available in multiple sizes, from extra small to double extra-large.

Question: Are the secure like normal helmets that are available?

Yes, they are totally safe to wear, plus they are more comfortable.

Question: Are these helmets popular with the motorcyclists’ community?

Yes, these helmets are extremely popular among the motorcyclists due to their unique looks and open-face style


German motorcycle helmets are one of the most popular helmet styles in the world. With their light weight, great visibility and stylish looks we can totally see why. In recent years they’ve become much safer and now compete on the same level as other helmets in terms of safety, particularly when compared to other non-full faced helmets.