Fog City Pro Shield Review

fogcity pro shield review
Fog City Pro Shield Review
Final Say
Gets rid of ALL fog, even in the rain or cold weather Easy to maintain Inexpensive. Installation can be tricky.
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Fog City Pro Shield Review


I really love my Shoei helmet, it is comfortable, has a removable liner, and I can switch out the face shields easily. The one thing that it gets a C grade on is vents!

For some reason my helmet fogs up more than my friends helmets, even if they spent less money on theirs. Since winter is coming it has been getting colder in the mornings when I ride to work. At these cold temps I have noticed that my helmet even fogs up when I am going 20mph or so in traffic!

I finally decided to do something about it, and Fog City is definitely something I would recommend.

Does it Work?

The Fog City Pro Shield is a plastic insert that you stick on the inside of your helmet that prevents the magic fog goblins from blocking your vision. I’m not sure if the insert is coated with a special anti-fog material, or if the whole insert itself is actually made of it, irregardless it works wonders!

The morning after I put it in was a particularly cold one and I was amazed that there wasn’t even a trace of fog on the inside of my visor. A few weeks later I encountered the ultimate test when on a morning that was not only freezing cold, but was also thick with fog!

The fog city visor didn’t disappoint , in fact the only thing that made my vision less than perfect was the fog was depositing water droplets on the OUTSIDE of my visor, but this was the equivalent to a light drizzle and didn’t effect me too much.


One thing that you will notice right away when you install your Fog City insert is that there is a line of glue around the edge of it. This is a tad unsightly, but it is hardly noticeable at all on my dark smoke visor (at least from the outside).

After using your face shield for a while you will notice that the bottom part of it gets sort of blurry, this is from breath residue that builds up over a few days/weeks and can easily be cleaned by running the visor under water and wiping it dry with a really soft cloth.

I have heard other people say that the insert can scratch easily, but I haven’t had a problem with that, but to be on the safe side I use a cloth meant for cleaning computer screens.

All in all the Fog City Pro Shield is a great product that fixes a problem for us guys that ride rain or shine. I purchased the clean version of the pro shield although I have seen tinted and light sensitive ones as well, but I hear that they can distort colors in an unsafe way.


Gets rid of ALL fog, even in the rain or cold weather Easy to maintain Inexpensive


Installation is a little tricky, but not that bad Susceptible to scratches Color changing visors may affect how much of the light spectrum you see You need a fog city insert for each visor.

Where To Buy Fog City Pro

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