5 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

Everybody knows how we feel about helmet safety here at BestBeginnerMotorcycles so we won’t go into more detail here. We also understand that you are more likely to wear your helmet religiously if that helmet is cool, stylish and attractive to the opposite sex. That’s why wanted to create a quick guide to help you find the perfect “cool motorcycle helmet”. Here goes.

1. Graffiti Street Art Gloss White Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT

Out of all the cool motorcycle helmets, this one is probably the coolest one to me personally. You can’t go wrong picking the awesome Graffiti Street Art helmet. Sturdy, safe, and gorgeous, it has everything you need. These are looks that kill and the build quality is also top-notch! The only small flaw some users point out are the occasional airflow issues. Not a big deal if you get to look cool right?

Graffiti Street Art Helmet Pros & Cons


  • Very durable
  • Low wind noise
  • Vents on forehead, mouth, and rear
  • 9 shield options


  • Minor airflow issues

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon



2. Motorcycle Street Bike Indian Full Face Adult Helmet

This motorcycle helmet very special. It is the perfect helmet for the modern age. It has all the benefits of a regular helmet with a few extra special features that make it really popular.

The striking design stands out from a mile away and the vivid colors really could match any bike you might ride. Perfect for the sport bike rider in our eyes, this is one aggressive looking helmet that definitely meets our cool-factor rating.

This fella sports a lightweight construction, along with high durability. The only minor flaw some users have pointed out is the fact that the clear coat peeling might occur and that is smells funky when you first wear it.

Overall, keep this puppy in top shape and it’ll serve you well for years to come. Other notable features include a cool glossy finish for UV protection, along with a fully washable and removable padding. Nifty stuff indeed!

Motorcycle Street Bike Indian Pros & Cons


  • Light weight
  • High durability
  • Sexy looks


  • Occasional clear coat peeling issues

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon


3. 3/4 Retro Open Face, Cruiser, Scooter, Matte Black/Grey “Wings” Helmet by Triangle

Cool motorcycle helmets for men and women are not hard to come by. However, this one really has a unique and amazing design. It has a military and slightly vintage feel and the deep black colors really make it stand out.

The muzzle is made from very durable and sturdy material and there is no fear of it falling off or being damaged. It will also save you from any dirt, grime, and debris that may come your way, while at the same time, giving you lots of breathing room.

The harness tends to be a bit tight for some people, but it’s nothing you can’t get used to. Plus, this slight problem refers to people who can be described as, and pardon the pun, having long faces.


  • Good looking
  • The interior lining can be easily removed and washed
  • Has a durable muzzle
  • Very comfortable


  • In some cases cannot be adjusted properly

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon


4. Bell Custom 500 Airtrix Heritage Helmet

This model has the wonderful addition of having the option of removing its whole lining. The design can easily secure this helmet a place in the cool looking motorcycle face helmets hall of fame, but it also has a practical purpose. The helmet’s curves and lines provide minimal wind resistance and reduce sound and noise created by said wind resistance.

The visor, while sometimes a tad clingy, has a special coating that prevents fog buildup and is highly resistant to scratches and bruising, and will keep your line of sight clear and unobstructed by damage. This is definitely one of the cool full face motorcycle helmets.

This thing outperforms the variety of products that are listed here but as always, a high-level performance come with a high-end price.


  • Cheek pads and lining is easily removable and washable
  • Special design reduces wind noise
  • Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch visor
  • DOT certified
  • Top-level performance and high safety all the way


  • High-level quality = high-end price

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon


5. Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet

Kicking off our list of cool motorcycle gear is the SH-FF0016, a high-quality starter helmet in elegant black. The price is quite fair, especially when taking into account all the helmet gives you. First off, it weighs 4,5 pounds, and its dimensions are 10.6 by 13.8 by 10.4 (in inches).

What makes this one special is the fact that, first of all, the cheek pads are removable, which gives you the freedom to adjust the helmet accordingly for added comfort.

However, the real benefit is that you can control and move the air vents, giving you excellent air circulation. The insides are lined with a wick-dri anti-microbial fabric that will definitely keep your head dry, and the helmet comfortable.

Also, installing a new shield, if you wish, is very easy. The lightness of the model will make it feel like you have nothing at all.


  • Lightweight
  • Dual vented diffuser
  • Removable cheek pads
  • DOT FMVSS N.218 approved


  • Slight vibration

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon


How To Choose A Cool Motorcycle Helmets ?

Now, you may be wondering how on earth are you supposed to decide, when there are just so many types of helmets out there. You are overwhelmed by so many different sizes, materials, and strange descriptions. However, there is no need to worry, just read on and all will be explained.

The first and the perhaps obvious thing you should look for in a helmet is the fit. Trust me, the last thing you want is to start out on a 300-mile ride and realize that the small “tightness” on your head you feel on short rides, turned into a splitting headache when you have to ride for more than an hour. This can be caused by the helmet being too small, or being the wrong shape for your specific noggin.


Now, the size is fairly obvious, but the shape may not be so. Every company that makes or sells motorcycle helmets will have a different sizing chart, and will often have clear guidelines and measurements. To determine the size of cool motorcycle helmets, simply use a measuring tape and wrap it around your head.

Another good way to determine you head shape, and the appropriate size, is by having a friend take a picture of the top of your head, thus determining how oval or round your cranium is. Believe me, we all want cool motorcycle gear, but cool looking motorcycle helmets are not enough to save you in a crash.

The helmet should never be tight and create pressure points, it’s supposed to sit snugly on your head, and must not have room for even a pinkie finger between your head and the helmet.

The next factor is the safety rating of the helmet. Your helmet needs to have one of the following: The DOT, ECE or SNELL. Each of these is a certificate that shows the helmet has been tested and that it passed a certain number of proven safety ratings. They, respectfully, represent the U.S. department of transportation, the Economic Commission for Europe and the Snell Memorial Foundation.

There are many types of motorcycle helmets, but can be roughly divided into 5 categories. First, we have the full face helmets, which, obviously, completely cover the face. The visor can be moved, but the part that covers the chin cannot be moved.


Modular helmets are like full faced helmets that can move the chin guard up and down, giving you the option of protecting your whole face, and uncovering it when you want to.

Open face helmet only protects your head and often don’t have a visor. Half helmets are similar to open faced ones, but only cover the top half of your head and are secured in place by a strap. Finally, we have the off-road or motocross type. They are similar to full face helmets, but are angular, instead of round, with sharp edges that are specially made to deflect debris.


We all want cool motorcycle helmets, but they need to be safe too. We hope we gave you enough information so that you can choose the coolest looking helmet.