Top 6 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

It is hard to ever be offline these days. Our phones are with us all the time and our friends, banks, apps and social connections are constantly pinging us with messages, emoticons, texts, notifications and phone calls. It is hard to stay away from friends and family, even when you’re enjoying the open road on your bike and want some peace and quiet.

We either turn everything off and freak out that nobody is contacting us or we embrace our connectedness and ride and communicate. One option is to pull over, take off your helmet and talk to people on your cellphone like the good old days. Alternatively, you can buy a helmet with built-in Bluetooth and enjoy talking to friends and listening to your music on the go. Assuming you are reading this post because you want an awesome bluetooth motorcycle helmet, we decided to research, find and share the best bluetooth motorcycle helmets you can buy this year.

The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Ranked


HJC is known for making modern and feature packed helmets. The HJC IS MAX BT is a DOT certified helmet and has a weight of around 3 pounds. That’s pretty light for a fully-featured helmet with all the cool features that the MAX BT has.

Using CAD design technology the company says that this helmet is comfortable for all head sizes. Not sure I can agree with that other than to say it was comfortable for my medium round head (I think that is an official head shape).

This helmet has some cool tech for lessening the impact force on your head during collisions. This is done by varying the density of EPS liner.

The face shield, which is made using anti-scratch material that keeps out more than 90% of Ultraviolet rays works well and definitely alleviates the need for sunglasses. The built-in sun visor can be turned off and on easily. The interior of the helmet can be removed easily for washing which is nice if you’re a sweaty beast like myself.

Bluetooth Ready with integrated recess and interior speaker cavities the sound quality was solid. At 65 mph on a phone call we found that the helmet sounds great. The optional bluetooth chamber works well and I was easily able to hold a conversation and hear everything being said. There was a decent amount of road noise but it was far from distracting enough.

Things We Liked About this Bluetooth Helmet

  • Use of quality materials and an elegant design: HJC has used a highly formidable polycarbonate shell that protects the head during any collision and is also quite lightweight. The perfect blend between the design and color of HJC best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets looks beautiful.
  • Advanced Visor: The face shield of the helmets keeps away UV rays and can also be released with a single button.
  • Special protection for chin: There is a shield given to protect the chin, which doesn’t require any tool to remove it. There is a QuickSlide technology that is used to easily slide the shield in order to remove it.
  • Great ventilation system: The HJC helmets come with an ACS ventilation system that maintains the heat level and remove all the humidity from the helmet continuously. Moreover, there is an anti-bacterial material named Nylex used in the helmet that protects riders from any bacterial infection.
  • Solid Bluetooth. Good quality Bluetooth and connectivity. Sound quality was great and worked well on the open road.

Things We Didn’t Like about this Bluetooth Helmet

  • A bit expensive: With so many features in the helmets, including the Bluetooth enabled communication, the price of HJC helmet is quite high.
  • Fit Off A Little. Riders complain that the fit can be slightly smaller than described so check the size charts to make sure you buy the right size.
  • Cramped. For a helmet meant to go with Bluetooth devices, the recesses are quite cramped. We had a really hard time finding a place for our speakers to sit without being crushed into our faces.

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2. O’Neal Commander

O’Neal is one of those helmet brands that are known for premium helmets. But, this particular model is perhaps the cheapest Bluetooth enabled helmet users will find. Apart from the Bluetooth feature, the shell is made from fibreglass, thus making this helmet extremely reliable and lightweight at reasonable money.

The certifications by DOT and ECE also indicate that the product is going to do its primary job of protecting your fragile brain. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this stylish and safe helmet.

O’Neal Commander Things We Liked

  • Design of the helmet: A helmet needs to look good, but should also be lightweight.The O’Neal Fastrack II Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth Technology is a highly elegant product that weighs mere five pounds. So, riders can brag their helmets and rest assured about their safety.
  • Comfort liner: The company has taken care of each and every aspect. The comfort liner is made up of a unique fabric that can easily be removed and washed.
  • Proper ventilation: The helmet has multiple ports that are adjustable in order to ensure that the riders are breathing without any issues.
  • Multi directional dual speaker: The Bluetooth installed in the helmet allows users to listen to their favorite music with the help of stereo sound and two speakers

Things We Didn’t Like About the O’Neal Commander

  • Sometimes Noisy. The interior padding is thin and insufficient to lower the noise levels. Despite of a spectacular Bluetooth technology, riders are going to hear external noises.

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3. IV2 Helmet Model 953

This is another Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that comes with a wide spectrum of features that can’t be found in most of the helmets from other companies. Unlike other helmet brands that still make use of Bluetooth 2.0, IV2 helmets are equipped with Bluetooth 3.0, a nice upgrade.

Riders can make calls, listen to their favorite music and get directions using GPS. The helmet comes with an anti-fog visor and loads of other features to make the ride comfortable for the users. Here are the pros and cons of this helmet.

Things We Liked About the IV2 Helmet

  • Advanced safety features: IV2 helmets are equipped with advanced safety features that include protection for the head and chin. The helmets are DOT and ECE certified.
  • Multiple air vents: There are ten points of air vents that will keep heat and humidity out of the helmet.
  • Removable inner lining: The inner lining of the helmet can be removed and washed in order to keep the bacteria out.
  • Bluetooth works well. Hands-free calling for motorcycles and scooters. Multi-pair with up to four other headsets

Things We Didn’t Like About the IV2

  • Anti-fog visor. There has been some complaints about anti-fog visor that it doesn’t come with a hook and dent the security aspect. We didn’t personally experience this but have heard it from others.

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4. Hawk H-66

When it comes to helmets with cutting-edge technologies, Hawk H-66 helmet would definitely come at the top spot. A highly advanced Bluetooth device is installed with this helmet and there is a provision to add a motorcycle helmet camera as well.

Riders who need mobility and convenience while riding bikes in hot and humid temperatures should opt such helmets. Its Bluetooth 2.0 technology covers 100 metres of range, so riders who ride in a group don’t have to ride side by side in order to talk to each other.Let us check out the pros and cons of the helmet.

Things We Liked

  • This is an anti-fog and anti-scratch helmet that are the two most important concerns for most riders.
  • The helmets are DOT certified, which is the proof of their superior quality.
  • The inner lining can be easily removed and washed using usual detergents. This will keep the interior clean and bacteria free.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Riders have experienced weird sounds coming from the microphone while riding under tunnels.
  • The return policy of the company is also a bit unusual, as they accept the helmet if it is unused.

Where to Buy: Buy at Revzilla / Buy at Amazon


5. Bilt Techno Bluetooth

Users love a technologically advanced product being offered at an affordable price.

BILT is one such product that is known for making highly reliable products that are equipped with a plenty of useful features. The helmets come with Bluetooth Intercom Function, which is a spectacular feature that allows efficient communication between the riders.

BILT is one of the reputed helmet brands in the world that are also DOT certified. Here are some of the pros and cons of BILT Techno helmets.

Things We Liked

  • The helmet is equipped with a highly advanced Bluetooth intercom function that makes it easier for the riders to communicate with each other.
  • BILT helmets ideally meet all the safety standards, including DOT and ECE. Moreover, the helmets come with a beautiful design that is definitely going to fascinate riders.
  • The air vents in the helmet are made from high quality metal. The lining of the helmet can be easily removed, which adds to the comfort of the riders.
  • The quick release visor protects riders from harsh sunrays and keeps them cool.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • There has been some complaints that the helmets make some noise at higher speeds.

Where to Buy: Buy at Revzilla / Buy at Amazon


6. Masei Helmet ABS

Masei helmets have always been one of the most popular choices among the riders.The helmets are trendy and have all sorts of features necessary for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Whether it is the ABS shell or the Bluetooth technology, Masei helmets stand out in all the aspects. The helmets weighs quite less, but keep riders safe, cool and comfortable. Here are the pros and cons of the Masei helmets.

Things We Liked

  • The Flip-up function makes it easier to adjust the shield according to their own requirements.
  • The size and the weight of the helmets are perfect for all kinds of users. Moreover, the material used to make helmets is also of the best quality.
  • The cheek pads can be easily removed and washed. Other padding can also be removed and washed in order to keep the helmet bacteria free.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • There has been complaints about the inability of the helmets to curb the noise levels.

Where to Buy: Buy at Revzilla / Buy at Amazon


Why Customers Need To Buy Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets?

Riders demand for such helmets that are proficient in keeping them safe and help them stay connected to their loved ones.Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are the ones that have both the features.There are dozens of brands that manufacture such helmets for their customers all around the world. From the customers’ perspective, they get an extensive range of products to choose from. There is no need for them to tuck in the phone in the helmet and call someone, when Bluetooth enabled motorcycles are there in the market.

Tips To Use Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

The companies that manufacture Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have ensured that the customers don’t find any difficulties wearing the helmets. The attachments given for communicating are easy to use and don’t pose any hindrances while riding the motorcycles. The inner linings are removable and washable, but make sure that the electronic part remains dry, as water can damage it. The companies have tried keeping electronic parts safe, still it is the duty of the customers to take care of the helmets as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many rider to rider connections can be made in these helmets?

Answer: A minimum of three connections can be made.

Question: Do these helmets work fine like the normal helmets?

Answer: Yes, they work in a better way, as riders get to communicate with their known ones without pulling over anywhere.

Question: Where do I get these helmets from?

Answer: There are many stores selling Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, but it is better to get it from a website like

Significant Advantages of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Some riding lovers choose a full-face motorcycle helmet not just for protection, but because they want to enjoy the privacy of riding on the highway where there’s only the wind and their thoughts. For others, they want a more innovative helmet to overwhelm this solitude as well as help them keep contact with their fellow. With the advances in cutting-edge technology, their desires could be met by combining smart gadgets with the helmet, creating an awesome gear ever.

When it comes to motorcycle helmets and bluetooth headsets, there are two major options for you. The first possibility is a kind of helmet that manufacturers make and promote specific brand bluetooth devices for it. And the other is helmet style which has already installed a Bluetooth equipment. A remarkable feature of this design is that the Bluetooth headset is actually installed on the outside of the hood, therefore increasing the more safety for riders than the traditional cell phones which are located directly against the face (with a risk of radiation waves to brain).

To several people, one of the biggest disadvantages of wearing a helmet is lack of communication. In order to talk to others, riders usually have to exhaustedly shout over the loud roar, which is not an effective way on the track. Or in some cases, your friends or beloved ones try to contact you while you are on the riding, then you have no choice but pull off the road to answer the phone, which makes your schedule interrupted. Now with a Bluetooth-capable device installed in your motorcycle helmet, all your past troubles are resolved in a number of ways.

Listen to Music

Wearing a normal motorcycle helmet, you must equip it with a radio device if you want to enjoy your music; the sound could be vanished over the wind, road noise and motor engine as well. But that problem is the past with a Bluetooth helmet. The Bluetooth component itself can be compatible with most technology, including your mobile phones, MP3 players like iPod touch. You now can blast clear and digital music through your smart devices while off-roading or hauling butt through the mountains. It’s your private enjoyment only along the way.

Stay in Touch

The second most impressive benefit of using a Bluetooth helmet is the communication dynamic. Thanks to bluetooth technology on these helmets, you could wirelessly connect to other receivers. Almost all of modern cell phones are integrated to this feature. Whatever the case, you are able to make and receive calls to anyone you please while having a hands-free setup. All you need to do is just use voice commands or text someone (in case your device has this function).

Since the connection is wireless, it is also possible for riders to communicate with nearby passengers by speaking into the helmet microphone.

Never Get Lost

This is one of the greatest advantages of getting Bluetooth technology. Your contemporary helmet, which operates under GPS navigation control will make you never get lost or stranded anyplace you don’t want to be while riding. The GPS system connects to your headpiece for in-ear and turn-by-turn navigation, meaning that you don’t have to stop somewhere to ask for direction or search a map.

Additionally, many GPS devices allow users to get audio direction through the helmet speakers, which makes you easier to interact the voice prompt system without taking your hand off the motorcycle. This is extremely helpful if you, a riding enthusiast, plan to go off-roading frequently, and sometimes get lost on the way.

Conclusion. The Best Bluetooth Helmet Is…

We hope this post helps you make a better buying decision when it comes to buying a great bluetooth helmet. We tried to make sure we didn’t just include expensive helmets and considered bluetooth helmets across budgets and requirements. At the end of the day the real benefit of the a Bluetooth motorcycle helmets is being able to enjoy your music and communicate without being distracted and taking your eyes off the road. Taking your phone out from the pocket is a recipe for an accident.

The reality is that we’d recommend all the Bluetooth helmets on this list. They are all comfortable, safe, well made and have great sound quality and functionality. None are perfect, but all are solid choices.