The 3 Best Motorcycle Sunglasses That You Can Buy For Below $50


Cheap Motorcycle Sunglasses You Can Buy For Less Than $50 (That Don’t Suck)

If you search for the best motorcycle sunglasses online, you are presented with a gazillion choices to choose from. Each manufacturer claims they are the best, and for the most part, they are probably the best – if you can afford them.

Yes, there are tons of cheap riding glasses in the market, but when it comes to protecting your eyes, you don’t want to rest your faith on the lowest bidder.

Your eyes are not only the windows to your soul, they give you the freedom to enjoy life. For obvious reason, you can’t ride a motorcycle if you have bad eyesight.

But protecting your eyesight is not just about eating tons of carrots to load up on that much-needed vitamin A. If you’re a hardcore rider, you need a cool set of eyewear. Motorcycle sunglasses or riding goggles should be designed primarily to enhance and protect your vision. They should also be tough and durable to withstand the rigors of daily active use.

Top-of-the-line optics are NOT cheap. They can cost anywhere from $500 all the way to $1000, with some costing more. If you’re on a tight budget, and you want to find the best motorcycle sunglasses below $50, you have come to the right place.


Things to Look For in Motorcycle Sunglasses

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean dull, ugly, and useless. Here are some of the things that you should look for in cheap motorcycle sunglasses.

Scratch -resistant lens

It really doesn’t matter if you prefer tinted or clear lens on your sunglasses, but these lenses should be scratch-resistant, or treated with a protective coating. Riding glasses will need to withstand hard handling and abuse. They will get stored in an awkward position in your backpack or saddlebags. Keys, chains and other sharp objects will be tough on those lenses, so it helps to get a pair of riding goggles with scratch resistant lenses.

UVA and UVB protection

Did you know that extended exposure to the sun’s rays can cause macular degeneration, permanent eye damage and vision loss, cataracts, and retinal damage? Cheap motorcycle sunglasses should have UVA and UVB/UVC protection, period.


Motorcycle sunglasses are also a fashion accessory and they are designed to make you look cool. Hardcore riders wouldn’t be caught dead without their sunglasses, especially if you live in the tropics or in fabulous Nevada. If you are going to ride your motorcycle in high noon, you better wear your sunglasses to protect your beautiful eyes from glare and permanent eye damage.

Lens color

The most common lens colors are yellow, clear, smoke, and red. If you’re riding at night, it is best to wear sunglasses with a clear leans. The yellow lens are best suited for riding in direct sunlight to reduce glare and enhance your vision. Sunglasses basically come in a dazzling array of lens colors. It all depends on your style or personality. But it is best to get a basic pair that protects your eyes in the day, and one that you can wear at night.

Riding goggles

If you like taking your sport bike to the absolute limits of grip and sanity, then you should probably choose riding goggles over a normal pair of sunglasses. This is most true if you have allergies related to air and pollen. Motorcycle goggles will also protect the entire area of your eyes. This is useful to repel bugs, insects, sand, snow, and dust from entering your precious eyes.


The 3 Best Motorcycle Sunglasses below $50

1. Coyote Eyewear Polarized Reader Sunglasses

The Coyote Eyewear features a polarized lens with class 1 optics that gives you the added benefit of bifocal lenses. Yes, the Coyote Eyewear is a sunglass and reading glass, without the need to change the lenses.

This is great if you have blurred eyesight, or if you need to grab your reading glasses to read your messages, check your mail, plot the GPS, or maybe even read a map. It also protects your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The Coyote Eyewear is fitted with impact-resistant lens which is ANSI rated Z89.0 for maximum durability.

The Coyote Eyewear Polarized Reading Sunglasses has a copper tint that offersgood contrast in a wide variety of riding conditions.

The Coyote Eyewear is less than $50, it offers bifocal reading power, it has a copper tint lens that looks cool, and it offers UVA and UVB protection. Those are four of the main reasons why this pair is included in our 3 best motorcycle sunglasses list.


  • Bifocal reading power
  • UVA and UVB protection
  • Stylish design
  • Costs less than $50


  • Bhe frame feels a bit flimsy

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon


2. 3 Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses Smoke, Clear, Yellow

There is one thing you need to know about this 3-pack motorcycle glasses: they cost less than $10.

Tray to wrap your head around that for a bit. For less than ten bucks, you get 3 pairs of glasses with different colored-lenses. This is a great deal, but does it skimp on features?

Thankfully, no. these motorcycle sunglasses are equipped with UV 400 lenses. The lenses are made from polycarbonate, which are light, tough, and durable. They don’t scratch easily as well.

This 3-pair motorcycle sunglasses are also equipped with rubber padding around the lenses. This makes them extremely comfortable to wear, especially when riding a bike. The paddings also have vents to prevent fogging.

If you wear contact lenses, then it is hard to go wrong with this 3-pair sunglasses. But again, we love the price. You get a yellow lens, clear lens, and dark smoked lens. This means your eyes are well-covered in all types of riding conditions, both day and night.


  • 3 pairs for the price of 1
  • UV 400 polycarbonate lenses
  • Padded design
  • Great for ATV riding
  • Good for full-faced helmets


  • Frame feels fragile

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon


3. Clear Motorcycle Riding Goggles: Heavy-Duty Riding Glasses No Foam Design

For less than $25, this clear pair of riding goggles are designed for riders of all ages and sizes, including all the sexy women riders out there as well.

With a fully adjustable strap, this Clear Motorcycle Riding Goggles will fit on both adults and children alike. You can also fit the strap around a ¾ or full face helmet and you’ll be fine. If you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, you can also wear them beneath your riding goggles.

Riding goggles are designed as an impenetrable shield around the eyes, but there are slotted vents that prevent ugly red rings from forming on your face around the eye area.

The curved edge of the riding goggles are designed to flex so it can perfectly fit the contours of your face. This will ensure that your eyes are protected from wind, rain, dust, dirt, and bugs. This means you can truly enjoy the open road while cruising in style, without worrying about the elements from harming your eyes.

This kit also comes with maintenance and storage tools such as a microfiber cloth for wiping the clear lens, a microfiber pouch for easy storage, and even a hard side carrying case so you can keep it inside your saddlebag or belt bag.

The frame is made from heavy-duty thermoplastic polyurethane and the lens are scratch-resistant to better resist hard handling and normal wear and tear.

Best of all, the Clear Motorcycle Riding Goggles does not contain any trace of foam. While we still like foam-lined goggles for extreme motor sports, they are not very durable and the foam will only crack or break over repeated use.Foam will also stink after a while.

This means you can wash this pair of goggles in water or soap, without thinking about deteriorating certain parts of the goggles. With that being said, you can also use this for tactical sports such as paintball and pellet guns, skiing, snowboarding, or off-road ATV riding.


Total eye protection
Fully adjustable strap
Scratch resistant lenses
Polyurethane frame
Comes with cleaning and storage kit


Fog builds up a bit easily
Might be uncomfortable to wear for big riders

Where to Buy: Buy at Amazon



Our 3 best motorcycle sunglasses are not perfect, but they are all winners in our book. They offer complete eye protection against harmful UV rays, and they also look pretty stylish to boot.

The Coyote Eyewear even has a bifocal feature for those with reading problems, while the 3-Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses offer terrific value. We also love how they look. The simply look badass, and they look cool whether you are riding a scooter, chopper, or a sports bike.

The Clear Motorcycle Riding Goggles offers a flexible fit while providing reliable protection for your eyes. The scratch-resistant frame and no-foam construction make this the perfect pair of goggles for almost all outdoor activities and sports that require total eye protection.