USER REVIEW: Olympia Moto Sports MJ222 Motorcycle Jacket

Olympia Moto Sports MJ222 Review

Olympia Moto Sports MJ222 Motorcycle Jacket Review

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USER REVIEW BY TWOWHEELS I was looking for a jacket that would provide good protection and be comfortable from 80F down to 32F and hopefully waterproof. From this criteria I decided to look at 3/4 length jackets. The 3/4 length has a slight advantage in the colder weather or rain as it is less drafty and keeps the rain out of your pants.

I ended up narrowing my search to the Joe Rocket Ballistic 7, Tourmaster Transition 2, Scorpion Commander and the Olympia AST. The Scorpion and Olympia seemed to have a more tailored fit than the others, and the armor seemed to be more secure (didn’t move around) perhaps because of the better fit.

Also both the Scorpion and Olympia used better, more abrasion resistant materials and construction. The Olympia had the best ventilation of the bunch. The Olympia flows a lot of air and keeps you cool, as long as you are moving at 30+, in the 70 to 80F range – it’s bearable to 90F. There is a full length zipper in each of the arms to to take in air as well as two chest vents, straps keep these open to draw in air, and two vertical exit vents in the back.

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Olympia Moto Sports MJ222 Men's Dakar Dual Sport Mesh Tech Jacket (Ivory/Black, X-Large)
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Equally suited for on and off road adventures, our Dakar Dual Sport jacket delivers the ultimate in multi season riding comfort. Equipped with a sporty two stage, wind and waterproof, Thermolite insulated liner jacket, this style delivers true riding comfort. Its unique Three Layer Systems Design allows you to customize its function by simply adding or removing appropriate layers as needed.

The shell of the jacket is waterproofed with a breathable membrane, rubber zippers are used for the vents and covered with flaps when closed. It’s as waterproof as any jacket with the vents closed. A zip in insulated liner adds cold weather insulation.

The neoprene collar is soft on the neck and keeps the water out when it is tightened – in most use though a velcro tab holds it open for better air flow. In my opinion this is the best thought/designed jacket of the bunch. It is also fairly stylish compared to the completion. At $299 it is slightly pricier than the JR and Fieldsheer and a few bucks cheaper than the Scorpion.

Overall I would have to say it is the best value and definitely worth the few extra dollars. My only complaint is minor. You can over stress the mesh material in the arm vents, and possibly tear it, by over tightening the arm straps while they are open. Olympia should attach the arm straps in a way that does not put stress on this mesh.

Olympia make great gear but it does not seem to be as readily available as the more common Tourmaster, Joe Rocket or Fieldsheer. Definitely recommend this jacket and from what I have seen all their gear.


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