Top 6 Motovloggers to Watch on Youtube!

Top 6 Motovloggers to Watch on Youtube!

If there is one thing I search a lot for on youtube, it’s motovloggers. I’ve been without a motorcycle for about four years now, and to get my two-wheeled fix I count on people recording themselves riding.

As I save up for my next bike, I am reminded of a time before I started riding where I was researching everything I could about motorcycle riding. If youtube had been around then, I’m sure that I would have watched dozens of motovlogs in an effort to learn more about the riding experience.

I’ve put together my list of the top 6 motovloggers I watch on a regular basis. Here goes!

6. AdjrianNickelodeon A motovlogger from down under! Adjrian is a motorcycle rider who gets around on an amazing sounding Yamaha R1. He is a newer motovlogger having gotten his start in 2013, but he is quickly becoming one of my favorites. His videos usually have a set topic, and I always find them to be pretty interesting. He is one to watch in the future, I bet he will become pretty big in the motovlogging community. WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM AdjrianNickelodeon: Watch that fuel gauge!

5. ChaseOnTwoWheels Chase rides a Yamaha r6, his second (or third?) r6 he has owned. His motorcycles have a bad habit of being stolen, which is how I found his videos in the first place. I have to say, nothing is as frustrating as having something you really enjoy be taken from you without warning! Chase get’s the award of being the motovlogger with the most hustle.

He puts together three videos a week and is very active in the motorcycle community. He hosts group rides, chats with other motovloggers, and participates in social media. He has an amusing personality and seems like a great guy to get a beer with. He often talks about his day, what is going on in his life, or whatever topic seems to strike his fancy at the moment. I definitely enjoy his videos, they are a blast to watch! WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM ChaseOnTwoWheels: Even in a secure location, if a thief wants your motorcycle, they will take it. Don’t stress too much about things being stolen, just make sure you have great insurance!


4. 808yewtube 808yewtube is a female rider from Hawaii that is often times cruising around on her much coveted 125cc Honda Grom. I absolutely LOVE this girl, and if I could meet any one of these motovloggers in person it would be her. Not only is she stunning, but she seems like a lot of fun. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and that is why watching her videos is always a treat.

Her Honda Grom might not be the fastest bike out there, but it looks killer, and it would also make an amazing first motorcycle. It’s light weight, small engine, and very forgiving. I think she did mention that it can’t quite make it up to 65mph, which could be a problem if you have lots of freeways in your commute. If you are strictly an around town biker though, the Grom would be great (if you can find one for sale! They are quite rare).

WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM 808yewtube: Don’t take yourself too seriously! Enjoy the journey, ride your own ride, and don’t be concerned about what other people think.

3.Baron Von Grumble Ahhh the Baron. He’s a surly chap from across the pond that has very amusing anecdotes during his daily commute. He has a sharp wit, a forked tongue, and a self deprecating sense of humor.

Not much is known about him as he keeps his life pretty secretive, although we do know he has recently been blessed with a ‘Baby Von Baron’. His videos show a high degree of professional editing and post production work and they are always entertaining to watch.

Too much Baron Von Grumble can be a bit depressing though, he is definitely a ‘glass half empty’ type of person. In small doses though, the Baron is absolutely one of the most entertaining motovloggers out there. WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM BARON VON GRUMBLE: It’s best not to take a streetbike off road into the mud….

2. LaurieJennifer LaurieJennifer is another girl motovlogger that I follow who has a couple different bikes. She rides around on a 2009 Kawasaki ER-6n, and a 2009 Kawasaki KLX330sm. Both would make excellent beginner motorcycles.

One unique thing about LJ is she rides even in the winter time, something very few people do. She even recently released a video where it was so cold outside, the locking mechanism on her motorcycle gas cap was frozen solid. It’s always fun watching her figure out how to get out of a jam.

WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM LaurieJennifer: That you can have a BLAST on a supermoto style bike that is low CC’s. Some of her most entertaining videos are filmed on her kawasaki KLX, an ideal beginner motorcycle.

1. RoyalJordanian Royal Jordanian simply rocks! He rides a Husqvarna Nuda 900R, an absolutely amazing sounding bike that looks like a ton of fun to ride. Most of his videos consist of ‘daily observations’ during his commute in the downtown London area.

He is one of the few motovloggers that doesn’t narrate while he rides, instead he puts together clips of interesting things he sees on his journey to work and back. One of the first videos I saw of his was a demonstration of a random act of kindness. RJ spots a an old man who had fallen on the sidewalk, and he quickly hops off his bike and assists him, pairing the old man up with a young lady that was walking in the same direction.

WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM RoyalJordanian: Always have an exit plan and keep looking around all the time. RJ lane splits all the time, and he is always looking for danger. This is what keeps him alive!