Tips on Planning a Motorcycle Road Trip


Motorcycle Road Trip Planning – Tips, Advice & Best Practices

Riding a motorcycle for a long distance requires thorough preparation to make sure that you stay safe and proper during your travel. If you are planning a backpacking trip, here are some tips to take for reference:

1. Protect yourself

The indispensable thing for any riders is a helmet. Because you need to ride such a long distance, please pick a helmet with thick cushions and clear glass in front. Thick cushions will make you feel more comfortable when wearing the helmet in such a long time and clear glass will protect your eyes and your face from winds, sands, and bad weather.

The quality of the motorcycle helmet is very important. You are not riding on a flat nice road like in your city; you are riding on a shaking, winding road in a mountainous areas. Thus, let’s imagine what will happen if unfortunately you fall off your bike. Your head needs to be protected by a durable helmet which can resist any physical attack. There are many high-quality brand names of helmets you can rely on. You should avoid cheap and ubiquitous helmets which can endanger your life when traveling on the bad routes. It would be a great idea if you can protect your knees and elbows by special accessories, wear glasses, gloves and scarf. The best preparation for your health is carrying some main types of medicine to eliminate any syndrome of headache, fever, and ordinary pains in legs and arms.


2. Spare parts

When you engage in an adventurous trip by motorcycle, there are not any rescue stores for your bike in case you have problems with it. You cannot even reach the emergency rescue team either in order to fix your bikes as your tires get collapsed. Before your trip, pay attention to maintenance for your motorcycle. Take your bike to the functional store to have a check up and repair any necessary parts. Within your trip, please equip some spare parts such as flat tire repair kit, air filters, tire-pump and a can of petrol. Make sure that you tight these things properly to avoid any damages to your bike and difficulties in riding on the road. The can of petrol should be put far from the engine to prevent any possible explosion and fire.

3. Have a clear routes and stops along the road


Since you may travel many hours a day, 6 to 8 hours, you need to sketch a plan for the best road, halts between routes and destination at the end of each day and strictly follow it. There are many roads leading to your destination, but find the nicest one that is popular to every backpacker. You find it safer and more exciting when traveling on a road with many companions. You should have a short halt for 10 to 15 minutes after each 150 km traveling. This can assure the highest capability for your bike and refresh your mind after a stressful period of riding on road. The short halt will omit any tiredness and pain. The last important thing is strictly following your plan, trying to reach the destination in a day before it gets dark. This will keep your travel on track and hinder any extra costs for accommodation.

4. Eating and drinking

The best beverage along the road is mineral water which will keep your body hydrated and your mind alert, erase all feelings of drowsy and tiredness. You should avoid strange food that you have never had before and take some quick food supplies such as some biscuits, nutritional cakes and bread. Choose healthy food and beverage at each halt during your traveling. It will make you stay energetic and hinder any unexpected health problems when you are at a total strange place. Besides, pay attention to food hygiene of your dinner if you dine out at a local restaurant. Make sure that the restaurants and local food are recommended by your acquaintances that already experienced or take reference from reliable sites on the web.