Shift Women’s Racing Gloves Review
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Overall, I enjoyed these gloves a lot and would recommend them to any female rider or passenger with small hands. The price is perfect for Shift; only $50!
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Shift Women’s Racing Gloves Review

I believe the most important parts of our body is our hands. We use them for everything, driving, fixing things, writing, even opening a jar. We are constantly using our hands everyday, all day; so they should be protected, right? Shift has kindly asked me to review the Women’s Carbon gloves for them. For the past month I have been trying them out while street riding in all conditions.

Leather Carbon Fiber Women’s Racing Gloves – Do They Protect?

I have worn about four different pairs of gloves since I started riding about a year ago and so far, these are my favorite. They are a short cuff-style black leather designed to specifically fit a woman’s hands which are usually daintier than a male’s hands. What’s great about leather and carbon is it offers the best protection compared to textile while providing a great snug fit which molds to your hands perfectly over time; and for me, leather is really comfortable.

The palm of the glove is also reinforced with padding and the knuckles have added armor for impact and abrasion resistance. I haven’t crashed yet (fingers crossed!) but, I know if I do I will be thanking shift for any extra material to put between me and the road.

The gloves close with a Velcro strap around the wrist. The Velcro looks pretty sturdy and seems like it will take awhile for it to wear down. The gloves sport an Airprene wrist cuff for ‘optimal comfort and range of movement’. I’ve heard of Neoprene before, but never Airprene so I did a quick google search to check out what makes it different.

Turns out it is very similar to Neoprene in the way that it stretches and conforms to the body, but it is also micro-perforated. These small holes help to alleviate heat, lets your skin breath, and adds a bit more comfort compared to other traditional materials. This really helps if you are on the motorcycle for a while and I can tell it will be a godsend when the weather warms up a bit.

This airprene material also gives you a lot more wrist movement than a glove cuff made out of pure leather. Shorty gloves are already great when it comes to mobility, so the airprene really steps this gloves up a notch. There are also perforated thumb and finger panels for added air flow making these the ideal spring/summer gloves.

Shift Carbon Fiber Women’s Racing Gloves Do Have Some Down Sides

The only complaint about the gloves I have was that they were a little too tight at first. I had to take off my rings to even get the gloves on. Though Shift boasts of pre-curved sidewalls to alleviate bunching, it still bunches when gripping, and after awhile my fingers began to hurt and I had to take the gloves off.

Yet my only complaint was null when I had worn the gloves so much that they began to stretch out a little and fit much better.I would recommend breaking these gloves in by wearing them around the house a bit before you go for any extended rides on your motorcycle.

Shift Mesh/Leather Carbon Fiber Women’s Racing Gloves Conclusion

Overall, I enjoyed these gloves a lot and would recommend them to any female rider or passenger with small hands. The price is perfect for Shift; only $50! The leather makes them very good quality and they keep the sleek look of a feminine hand. They would be a great set of first gloves, or even a spare set of summer gloves if you have the available funds.


  • Short cuff-style leather glove for optimal protection and abrasion resistance.
  • Women’s specific fit
  • Integrated knuckle armor for impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Premium leather palm with reinforced padding.
  • Pre-curved leather finger sidewalls alleviate bunching.
  • Embossed Airprene wrist cuff for optimal comfort and range of movement.
  • Hook and loop wrist closure.
  • Perforated thumb and finger panels for added airflow and comfort.


  • Airprene keeps the cuff breathable with a large range of motion
  • Only $50
  • Sleek and feminine
  • Lots of leather, padding, and armor for protection


  • Takes a little while to break in
  • Not as much protection as a full gauntlet glove
  • Might be a bit cold in winter weather

Where To Buy Shift Gloves

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