Shift M1 Leather Jacket Review

Shift M1 Leather Jacket Review

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For a long time my only riding jacket was a First Gear Mesh jacket, and it held up pretty well in all weather conditions. After trying on my friends leather jacket and seeing how much more protection it offered, I decided I needed to get some leather of my own.

There are a lot of brands out there to decide from: Alpinestars, Joe Rocket, Icon, Vanson, Teknic and dozens of others. While surfing various motorcycle forums I heard some really good things about Shift Racing jackets so I decided to check them out.

Lots of Jackets

The first jacket I tried on was the Shift Vendetta jacket which had a unique ‘worn in’ look to it. Man was that jacket comfortable! It had hard armor in the elbows and shoulders, and it also had a pocket where you could put a back protector too.

I was very close to buying it but it was a little out of my budget at nearly $330. About a week later I was surfing around ebay and I happened to find a brand new Shift jacket in my size for only $120! it was last years model and thus ‘out of style’, making it incredibly cheap. It looked great to me so I ordered was very pleased when it arrived.


Cold Backs

I pulled it out of the box when I got home and it was just as advertised, brand new. The jacket fits REALLY well, and the leather was supple enough to allow me quite a bit of movement. I’ve had the jacket for about 4 months now and I wear it 90% of the time. It has broken in really well which surprised me because it was already really comfortable to begin with.

When it gets really hot out the jacket has a removable liner that you can take out which gives you more access to the cooling vents on the sides of the jacket. When it is cold out the liner actually provides quite a bit of warmth and protection against the wind. One of the best features though is how the jacket extends past the back and covers the top part of your butt. This will keep your jacket from riding up in the event of a crash, plus it also protects your lower back from the wind when you are crouched over your motorcycle.

I can really tell the difference when I wear my mesh jacket because it doesn’t have a drop tail so my back is always cold.


I haven’t crashed in this jacket but it seems like it would do a very good job at protecting my skin. The leather is high quality and thick all over, plus the padding in the elbows and shoulders is top notch. This jacket looks great, and is super comfortable, you really can’t go wrong with shift racing. If I had to get another jacket though, I probably would get something with more colors to add to my visibility.


– Drop tail helps with wind and abrasion protection. – Really comfortable leather – Hard armor in the shoulders and elbows – Space for a back protector


– Kind of pricey, but actually not too bad considering the quality – My collar button on the jacket has trouble snapping


– 1.2-1.4mm premium cowhide leather. – Articulated sleeve design for superior comfort. – Adjustable/Removable CE-certified armor on shoulders and elbows. – Schoeller stretch Kevlar panels for flexibility and abrasion resistance. – Removable/Washable quilted vest liner. – Drop Tail keeps wind off your back. – Integrated pocket for a back protector.

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