Shift 2017 White Label Pro Gloves Review

Shift 2017 White Label Pro Gloves Review
Final say
I enthusiastically recommend these to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a full gauntlet style riding glove.
Double strapped full gauntlet protection
Really comfortable
Multiple layers in key abrasion zones
The only come in Black
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Shift 2017 White Label Pro Gloves Review

It’s pretty rare that I get a piece of equipment that I get the opportunity to crash test, mainly because I try and avoid crashes whenever possible! Unfortunately in early December 2008 I had a 30mph get-off on the freeway. I was fully geared up at the time, and one of the most crucial pieces of gear I was wearing that day was the Shift Bullet Gloves. That’s why today I am reviewing the Shift 2017 White Label Pro Gloves.

Shift 2017 White Label Pro Gloves Feature List

The Bullet gloves are a full gauntlet style pair of gloves which are worn over your leather jacket. I really prefer gauntlet gloves since you don’t have to worry about that little piece of wrist being exposed when you are wearing ‘shorty’ style gloves. The Bullet is one of the most protective gloves I have ever seen. There is extra leather on the back of the fingers, back of hand, and the palm of the hand which included some extra padding as well. You would think that all of this protection would hinder movement but it doesn’t in the slightest. This is a very well designed glove. The gloves also sport multiple vents, the most visible being the ones between the two knuckles on each hand. This gives great air flow which is ideal for hot weather riding where you don’t want your hands to feel like a sauna. I’ve also worn them in freezing temperatures and while not the warmest gloves, they weren’t unbearably cold. I imagine these gloves will be in my primary rotation except on the coldest of nights.

Fit and Feel on the Shift 2017 White Label Pro Gloves is Great

I really love the feel of these gloves. As soon as I put them on I felt comfortable in them. The leather is soft but sturdy and the glove is secured with two separate Velcro straps: one at the wrist, one at the cuff. I’ve worn some gloves that only use one strap and I am always a little worried that they will come off in a crash. This applies even to full gauntlet gloves with only one strap.

That feeling of nervousness might be because the first gloves I ever owned were of the two strap variety so that is what is familiar to me. When you have a strap securing the cuff, and another securing the wrist there is very little chance of it slipping off even in the worst of crashes. I would say that I have an average size hand and I wear a large glove.

After I slipped the glove onto my hand and secured it properly my hand still retained a large range of movement and nimbleness. I can reach all of my motorcycle controls easily and the extra leather in the palm helps reduce engine vibration in addition to being an added layer of protection.

The Crash Aftermath. Here’s How the Shift 2017 White Label Pro Gloves survived.

When I went down at 30mph there were four main parts that hit the ground: My right shoulder, right hand, right knee, and my helmet on the right side. I am extremely happy to report that my hands were perfectly fine after the accident. Because my hands weren’t injured I wasn’t aware that my gloves were damaged until I went to ride with them after both my motorcycle and I were fixed up.

The gloves held up well enough that I still wear them on occasion (although eventually I might try and replace the right one). The palm on the right glove has a hole in it about the size of a dime right over the re-enforced and padded palm area. It breached the first layer of leather but underneath the base layer is completely intact. The only other injury to the glove is on the polycarbonate knuckle plate on the top half of the glove.

The left side of it is scratched away, and I imagine if my hand hadn’t been protected I might be missing a knuckle! It looks like the pavement even ground away right on the stitching but no threads came lose and it still looks incredibly secure.

Shift 2017 White Label Pro Gloves Conclusion

I enthusiastically recommend these to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a full gauntlet style riding glove. I normally have at least one or two critiques when I review a product but I can’t say I do with these gloves. The price is right at $89.95, they look fantastic, they breath well, and they offer protection that any racer would love.


  • Single layer, lightly padded Clarino palm and thumb reinforcement
  • Lightweight, breathable and flexible top of hand materials
  • Pre-curved finger sidewalls provide a superior grip
  • Silicone fingertips for increased lever control


  • Double strapped full gauntlet protection
  • Multiple layers in key abrasion zones
  • Really comfortable


  • The only come in Black

Where To Buy Shift Gloves

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