Way, Way Too Much Time

December, 2014

This is what happens when an otherwise normal, sane person has too much time on their hands AND spends part of the aforementioned time browsing this website. In Mark’s own words:

Dave..on the go!
A word of explanation.  I am a fanatic motorcycle and scooter rider.  I have been doodling drawing and writing for over 50 years.  I used to draw a cartoon for our rc club years ago, and I have illustrated a couple of balloon books and a couple of children’s books.  (unpublished. . damn) and written and illustrated two books on bicycling
“passing gas, and “breaking wind” (self published).
Today, I am just a”zen doodler” (see zentangle).  So with very little exception,  these drawings are done in pen with little or no pencil sketching.
This is a kind of meditative activity.  The results are… interesting.
Lately I have been doodling scooter topics.  So… you suffer.   : )

Thanks Mark. I find the resemblance remarkable.

Scooter Doodles by Mark Garvey