The Best Modular Helmets for Scooter Riders

The Best Modular Helmets for Scooter Riders

Modular helmets are perfect for scooter riders, bringing the same type of flexible character as their vehicles. I personally ride most often with a modular helmet (though there is a small weight penalty over a normal fixed full-face helmet) when I am on short rides or doing errands. I love being able to open the helmet’s front instead of fully removing the entire helmet.

Many of the helmets on this list include features like internal sun visors and Bluetooth communication systems. These conveniences have quickly become “can’t live without” parts of normal riding for many. Safety and protection are always going to rule the day with any piece of gear I recommend, and each piece of equipment I list meets either North American or European standards (most will meet both). Now let’s dive in and find a modular helmet for you to wear on your scooter.

Bell SRT-Modular Helmet


Images via Revzilla.

Bell has a long and well-deserved history of producing high-performance helmets. The SRT-Modular is another fine example of Bell quality, packing safety, and value in this fiberglass shell.

The SRT Modular is meant for touring and commuter riders—in other words, perfect for a scooter owner. Features like a flip-up chin bar, speaker pockets, internal sun visor, and eyewear compatibility make this a well-appointed head protector.

The overall shape is sport-oriented and will feel comfortable in an upright riding position. The Panovision visor is class 1 rated for excellent optics, and riders will have no intrusions in their peripheral site lines.

The chin vent and forehead vent will move enough air through the EPS to keep you cool and dry. The lining materials are easily removed for cleaning, and the intermediate oval shape will fit most head shapes.

There are 2 shells, sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, and a good selection of colors (including a few graphic models).

There is a lot packed into this helmet and you get excellent Bell design. This is a mid-priced helmet that offers a lot of value for scooter owners.

Sena Outrush R

Sena Outrush R in black

The Sena Outrush R is the newly revised modular offering from a brand most known for high-quality communication systems. The Outrush R is a smooth simple design, made from polycarbonate ABS, which keeps the pricing low and still offers excellent crash protection qualities. The Outrush R is DOT and ECE rated.

On the feature side of things, the actuation of the flip-up chin bar is done with a simple center release under the chin. The integrated sun visor is activated with a left side slider and has the same Scratch resistance and UV protective features as the clear main visor. Both provide good optics with minimal distortion.

The liner is easily removed for washing, and the top vent and chin vent provides airflow through the EPS channels to help keep the head cool and dry.

Now the best feature of the Sena Outrush R: the built-in Bluetooth communication system. Sena is a leading manufacturer of Bluetooth helmets systems and they have used the latest electronics in this helmet.

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 technology and advanced sound processing, the Outrush R allows connections to 4 other helmets, simple pairing to your phone for calls and music, and some active noise canceling to help quiet the ride. Check out a very in-depth review of the Outrush R here.

For a scooter rider wanting high tech and safety, the Outrush R is a great lid to check out.

Shoei Neotec II

Shoei Neotec II with Respect graphics

Widely hailed as the best modular helmet available, the Shoei Neotec II is a premium helmet with a price tag to match. Starting from the outside, the shell is Shoei’s proprietary technology, integrating a five-ply matrix consisting of hand-laid interwoven layers of fiberglass with organic fibers and resin.

This design has incredible impact dispersion traits while being lightweight. Inside the EPS lining provides enhanced impact absorption by utilizing varying densities of foam and is very efficient at channeling airflow.

All aspects of the Neotec II are aimed towards reducing noise inside the helmet while providing superior rider comfort. Naturally, there is an integrated sun visor. The overall venting is easy to control and provides superior airflow compared to other modular lids, and provisions have been made for eyewear compatibility.

The visor optics are first-rate, as are all the materials used in this helmet. One final key feature is that the Neotec II has been designed for seamless integration of the Sena SRL Bluetooth system, giving a scooter owner the ultimate communication capabilities available in a modular helmet.

There is no doubt this is an expensive helmet, but based on the numerous owner comments it is worth every penny. Here is a detailed review of the Neotec II with Sena SRL Bluetooth integration.

Simpson Mod Bandit

The Simpson Mod Bandit in matte black

Simpson is well known for badass looks with high-performance elements. Taking all the excellent features of the popular Bandit full-face helmet design, Simpson adds the flip-up chin bar and makes it modular.

The Mod Bandit is a fiberglass composite shell and the chin bar is a polycarbonate construction. More inexpensive helmets have locking hardware for the flip-up made from plastic, but Simpson steps things up and uses more durable metal components. The chin bar can also be locked in the up position.

The soft lining is removable, washable, and hypoallergenic. Multiple adjustable intake vents provide great airflow through the helmet, and the chin curtain is removable, which can be nice if you are mostly riding in urban settings as it helps improve low-speed air movement.

Sizing goes from Small to 2XL, with 4 colors available. For an upcharge, you can also get this helmet in carbon fiber.

If you want an edgy and aggressive style on your scooter, check out the Mod Bandit.

HJC i90

HJC i90 in red

HJC is a very popular choice amongst lower-priced helmets. The HJC i90 uses a polycarbonate shell design that is simple and straightforward. Designed for touring and commuter riders, it works well in the upright riding position of a scooter.

The moisture-wicking liner system keeps you comfortable and the liner is formed with a special groove along the temples to accommodate glasses. As with many other helmets on this list, an internal sun visor and Bluetooth prep are standard on the i90.

Something I appreciate about the i90 is the larger than average eye-opening, making a nice wide field of view. HJC places seven intake vents and two exhaust vents at the rear spoiler, which should also provide good airflow through the i90.

HJC has 5 solid color choices and many graphic choices for a small upcharge. And those with large heads are in luck, since the HJC i90 is available all the way up to a 5XL.

Nexx X-Vilitur Carbon Zero

Nexx X-Vilitur Carbon Zero

This is where form and function meet to deliver an excellent touring-focused helmet.

This is the first modular Carbon helmet on the list, and Nexx delivers a superb helmet. Yes, it comes with many of the typical features we have come to expect at this price point in a touring lid, internal sun-visor, optional comm system, good ventilation, and great optics, but the Carbon fiber construction adds strength while removing about 3 oz in weight.

Nexx has put a huge effort into making this helmet quiet. A one-piece neck roll, double rubber seals at the chin bar, and vortex generators located in the chin area work together to provide improved sound isolation for a quiet riding experience.

For scooter riders, this sort of versatility and killer style is something to take a good long look at.

Sizes range from XS to 3XL.


Sedici Sistema II

The Sedici Sistema II in blue

If you haven’t heard of Sedici before, don’t worry—Sedici is actually the private label house brand of Revzilla. House brands are sometimes a toss-up, but Revzilla is a company full of serious motorcycle and powersports enthusiasts, and don’t put their name on poor-quality products.

The Sistema II helmet is made with a unique blend of fiberglass and aramid fibers, molded into an aerodynamic shape designed for reduced turbulence and lift. The outer shell comes in 2 sizes, and there are adjustable pads at the brow that allow for as much as 5mm of change. The included chin skirt is easily removable, too.

Airflow is quite good through the dual-density EPS liner, thanks to the well-designed chin and forehead vents, plus the Sistema II has plenty of passive air outlets to ensure your head stays dry and cool.

A dark smoke drop-down inner sun shield is standard. Sedici has greatly improved their visors over time, and they now offer impressive optical quality.  The Sistema II family of helmets includes the Solid (in 5 colors), a carbon option, and one with an included Bluetooth communication system.

This is a helmet designed by enthusiasts that is also very budget-friendly. It’s certainly worth a look for scooter owners.

Bilt Techno 3.0

A black Bilt Techno 3.0 with chin guard open

The Bilt Techno 3.0 is a budget-friendly choice for scooter owners that want sporty looks and Bluetooth already included. The integrated Sena system is pre-installed so you don’t have to worry about struggling to install speakers, a microphone, and the control unit into your helmet.

Constructed with a new injection molded alloy composite modular shell, the Techno 3.0 meets DOT standards satisfactorily.

The Techno 3.0 is an intermediate oval shape, which includes a removable and washable liner. Adjustable venting at the chin and temples provides reasonable airflow around your head. Other features include an integrated sun visor and simple one-handed operation of the chin bar release.

Available in 4 colors, the Techno 3.0 comes in two shell sizes—one for XS to 2XL, and a second for the larger profiles covering 3XL to 5XL.

For the scooter rider on a budget that wants all the tech, the Techno 3.0 is a solid choice.

LS2 Valiant II

LS2 Valiant II open in black LS2 Valiant II closed in silver

The LS2 Valiant II helmet is instantly recognizable thanks to the unique 180 degree opening chin bar. This feature allows it to sit at the back of the helmet in the fully open position, where it can lock and turn the Valiant II into a ¾ helmet.

Made from Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) the shell comes in 2 sizes. The shell shape has been refined to allow the chin bar mechanism to be smaller and slimmer than the original Valiant, creating improved aerodynamics without losing any features.

The main visor comes pinlock ready, and the drop-down sun visor is actuated with a left side slider that is easy to find with gloves on. LS2 visors are built with 3D Optically Correct “A Class” Polycarbonate, a space-age polymer with high resistance to impact, that avoids distortion and offers maximum clarity.

For the scooter owner with a colorful style, LS2 has a huge selection of colorful graphics beyond the 6 solid colors. Sizes range from XS to 3XL.

Shark EVO One 2

Shark EVO One 2 in white

The Shark EVO One 2, is a mid-priced, fully opening modular helmet with an injected thermoplastic resin shell. The Evo One 2 has a 180-degree full opening chin bar design that allows both closed and open-faced riding.

A unique and useful design feature is the auto-up-and-down ability of the main visor. This automatically moves the main visor to a safe position when the chin bar is being opened or closed, eliminating a step for the rider—a small but very handy feature.

With both a removable and washable CoolMax liner and an integrated sun visor, the Shark helmet is eyeglass-friendly, and the Max Vision Pinlock insert lens is included.

The EVO One 2 is DOT and ECE certified for both the full-face/open helmet positions, it has also been awarded 5 stars in the UK SHARP testing. The 2 shell options allow for sizing from XS to XL, 4 solid color choices, and 2 great-looking graphics choices.

Choosing Your Modular Scooter Helmet

I think most scooter riders will come to appreciate the flexibility offered with a modular helmet. This list highlights what I feel are some of the better options available on the market and covers a wide range of prices.

All of the options above offer great protection and style, but if nothing here is radical enough, check Bell and Scorpion for some more out-there alternatives. You can also browse my list of full-face helmets for scooter riders if you’d prefer one of those instead.