Kymco MyRoad 700i

The ideal buyer for a MyRoad is shorter rider who wants a full power machine and appreciates the effort Kymco has put into delivering value.
Smooth and powerful motor
Standard ABS
Lengthy list of amenities
Seriously big machine
Nearly $10g


Kymco’s premium highway machine – the MyRoad 700i – made its USA & Canadian debut for 2014 after a few false alarms (it’s been on sale in Asia since 2008). The big Kymco landed in North American showrooms to challenge the big machines from Honda, Suzuki and BMW but didn’t sell well due to its high MSRP. It was dropped after two years (2014 – 2015).

The MyRoad 700 incorporates the storage and ease of straddling ideals from the scooter world, with luxury and interstate prowess from the touring scene. The result is a more than capable maxi-scooter that gobbles up highway miles with alacrity. It’s an excellent mount for the comfort oriented tourer who wants full power and doesn’t mind using a bit more gasoline to get it.

Design / Suspension / Brakes

The MyRoad 700 is unashamedly oriented for the highway. Here, all 608 lbs (plus gas) of the MyRoad hits its element and delivers stability and confidence. It’s a mass-endowed steed with a generous wheelbase of 63.6” (that’s one more inch than the Burgman 650), which makes it a stalwart ride on the open asphalt while compromising a bit on low speed nimbleness. Despite its length, the MyRoad had a smaller sized cockpit with the seat is located fairly close the front. It’s a setup that works very well to secure smaller riders, while preventing lanky riders from stretching out.

The ride is handled by a trick suspension system which uses electronically adjustable dampening in addition to hand wrangled preload adjustment to deliver a custom feel. It works nicely and the Kymco nips over irregularities in the road with poise. The MyRoad accumulates too much momentum to challenge any records at Devil’s Gap, but when used for its intended touring purpose it’s an enjoyable partner that rounds bends with confidence. It’s holds its line well and is stable over uneven road.

Stopping the big Kymco is handled by three disc brakes – two up front and one in the rear. The front rotors are a generous 280mm and squeezing them is accomplished with 4 pistons per. A smaller 240 rotor and dual pistons handle the stopping duties in the rear. Bosch ABS is used at both ends, and it’s a standard feature in the technologically advanced MyRoad. The system works well and delivers smooth and consistent stops without drama.


The MyRoad possesses a parallel twin mill to convert liquid dinos into velocity. This twin cylinder design certainly excels at doing that, as the MyRoad creates up to 59 HP and 46 ft-lbs of torque if requested. That’s five horsepower ahead of Suzuki’s biggest Burgman, and 18% in excess of Honda’s 50 HP Silverwing (580cc)

This motor delivers the expected list of features (fuel injection, liquid cooling) plus a few surprises like an 8 valve design. The result is plenty of power even for two up interstate passing and a top speed in excess of 100 mph. The trade-off for this abundant power is fuel milage. The Kymco does fine for its displacement, but with 699cc and nearly that many pounds of machine, there’s no getting past the 45-50 mpg barrier. The MyRoad has an average sized 4 gallon tank and thus enjoys a good fill up fairly regularly.


The MyRoad doesn’t disappoint in delivering the lavish list of features you’d expect in a maxi. There’s pressure sensors in the tires, an adjustable windscreen, the aforementioned adjustable ride and neat touches like the folding passenger pegs. The display features usual the gauges (analog speed, analog tach, digital odometer, fuel gauge) along with conveniences like a trip meter, clock and temperature gauge.

Storage in the MyRoad is opulent, with enough room for two full lids and more under the seat. There’s also a 12V charging port located here for topping up your phone or connecting a GPS. The cool part is that a light on the dash confirms that you’ve got something plugged in and working. Up front are two mini glove boxes which let you divide your smaller wares. Use one side for your papers and randomly accessed goodies and the other for your sunglasses and on the go items.


The maxi scooter scene has broadened in recent years, with touring designs and amenities now found on machines ranging from 200cc (Suzuki Burgman 200) up to the 699cc MyRoad. At the upper end of this range, the MyRoad is aimed at those who demand bottomless power in any circumstance. If you don’t mind 45-50 mpg rather than the 60-70mpg that the smaller maxi’s accomplish, then the MyRoad is an excellent highway partner.

Kymco has taken a balanced approach with the MyRoad by offering both a tempting list of amenities and a lower price. For 2014, the MyRoad MSRP is $9699 (USA) or $9995 (Canada). That’s not cheap, but it’s undercuts Suzuki’s Burgman 650 by $1300 and BMW’s smaller 600cc maxi’s by a few hundred. Kymco dealers also tend to be more open to a bit of haggling so the savings could grow. The ideal buyer for a MyRoad is shorter rider who wants a full power machine and appreciates the effort Kymco has put into delivering value. Ideally they would also enjoy the color white, as that’s Kymco’s lone offering to America for 2014, while Canadians are receiving only silver.

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  • Smooth and powerful motor
  • Standard ABS
  • Lengthy list of amenities


  • Seriously big machine
  • Nearly $10g


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Key Specs – MyRoad 700i:

  • Engine: 699cc 4-stroke, 8 valve liquid cooled parallel twin
  • Power: 59hp @ 7250 RPM, 46 lbs-ft torque @ 5500 RPM
  • Transmission: CVT Automatic
  • Bore & Stroke: 76.9mm x 75.3mm
  • Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
  • Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injected (Synerject)
  • Wheelbase: 63.6”
  • Weight: 608 lbs
  • Starter: Electric
  • Seat height: 30.7”
  • Fuel Tank: 4.0 gallon (15 L)
  • Front Brake: Dual 280mm 4-piston disc brake with ABS
  • Rear Brake: Single 240mm 2-piston disc with ABS
  • Front Suspension: 41mm diameter telescopic fork with adjustable electronic damping
  • Rear Suspension: Dual rear shocks with adjustable electronic damping
  • Tires: 120/70-15 (Front), 160/60-14 (Rear)
  • Years Sold: 2014-2015


  • 2014: White (USA) or Silver (Canada)
  • 2015: White (USA and Canada)