Kymco X-Town 300

Without badging you could easily mistake the X-Town for a Honda or Yamaha. It’s a stylish design, nicely appointed and well thought out.
Low emissions
Fuel milage (70 mpg)
Nicely styled
Capable suspension
Low power for a 300
No rear ABS
Cramped cockpit


The X-Town was introduced for 2018 as Kymco’s latest mid-sized scooter model. It offers low emissions, spectacular value and standard front wheel ABS to the mid sized scooter market.

Globally Kymco manufacturers the X-Town in both 125 and 300 models, but the 300 model is the real deal, while the 125 is a shackled version for learners markets only. The X-Town is Kymco’s response to the new Euro-4 emission regulations, so it is replacing their older models in those markets and most other markets globally.


The X-Town has a modern style – similar to what we see from Honda with designs like their Forza. The X-Town looks like Kymco’s departed Downtown 300 model mixed with subtle touches from Yamaha’s TMAX like the rectangular headlights. It also bares a resemblance to Honda’s PCX, but mostly because all of these Asian designed mid-sized scooters have converged on a pretty narrow set of design characteristics.

Overall, it’s a handsome machine with a good silhouette, edge touches and nice details like the LED marker lights, LED X shaped rear light and the new blacked out 12 spoke rims. Kymco has also done a nice job with their subtle integration of the passenger pegs. Kymco has been on a steady march forward with their design refinement over the past decade, and the X-Town is clear evidence that Kymco is continuing that pursuit. Without badging, it would be hard to guess if this machine was built by Kymco or Honda.


The X-Town uses a new motor that Kymco designed to be compliant with strict Euro-4 emission regulations. These emissions are coming into force in quite a few markets, so the X-Town engine has been designed to meet that by minimizing smog causing (NOx) emissions (for more, see this article on scooter emissions).

The downside of this emissions compliance is a loss in power. The X-Town offers 23 horsepower, which is down about 20% from the 28 horsepower offers by the previous generation of mid-sized Kymco’s like the Downtown 300 and People GT 300. The horsepower is also less than that offered by competing scooters, such as Yamaha’s X-MAX 300 (27.6 HP), Piaggio’s BV 350 (32.8), and Honda’s discontinued Forza 300 (24.5). Only Vespa’s GTS 300 makes less power (21.1 HP) but that motor has less displacement (278cc).

Still, the X-Town has more than enough power for folks simply looking for a practical way to get around. The top speed is easily 80 mph, with Kymco’s ever optimistic speedometer reading closer to 90 mph. Fuel milage is also claimed to be quite good at about 70 mpg. With milage like this, you won’t be spending a lot more than a 50cc at the pump.

Brakes / Suspension / Handling

If there’s a substantial flaw with the X-Town, is that its short cockpit poorly accommodates lanky riders. The wheelbase of the X-Town is 60.8” which is within half an inch of the competition from Honda and Yamaha, but the cock pit is somehow shorter such that riders around 6 feet or above will find it cramped on long rides.

The rest of the X-Town’s ride is great, with a compliant suspension that is receiving high marks from all reviewers, and quality next generation Bosch ABS (unfortunately on the front wheel only). The brakes use pretty standard diameter single discs front (260mm) and rear (240mm), with a 3 piston caliper up front. The weight of the X-Town is 398 lbs, which is right in line with the competition, and down 20 lbs from the departed Downtown 300i.

Storage & Convenience

The X-Town has underseat storage that delights with full sized maxiscooter features like a gas strut to hold it up, and a light so you can find your gear in the dark. It’s also a generous size capable of swallowed two full face helmets.

Up front, the X-Town has two small gloveboxes which are nothing special, but one does include a 12V charge port which is nice. Also nice is the inclusion of a tachometer. A tach isn’t normally provided on a scooter since the CVT transmission eliminates shifting, but it’s still nice to have one just to understand what your scooter is doing.


Kymco is at their best when they put together a machine that competes closely with the offerings from Yamaha and Honda, while substantially undercutting the Japanese makers on price. Few folks will buy a scooter from Kymco over a comparable model from Honda or Yamaha at the same price point because Kymco lacks the brand awareness and quality reputation of those other makers, but eye brows go up when Kymco puts out a comparable machine at a much lower price.

That’s what the X-Town is. Without badging you could easily mistake the X-Town for a Honda or Yamaha. It’s a stylish design, nicely appointed and well thought out. The fact that is lists for $3999 (USA 2018) instead of $5599 for a Yamaha X-MAX makes it really hard to go for the Yamaha. Certainly the X-MAX is the nicer machine with it’s 27.6 horsepower, rear ABS, more unique styling and lighter weight, but for a lot of folks the $1600 savings is going to be more attractive than those features.

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  • Low emissions
  • Fuel milage (70 mpg)
  • Nicely styled
  • Capable suspension


  • Low power for a 300
  • No rear ABS
  • Cramped cockpit


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Key Specs – X-Town 300:

  • Engine: SOHC Liquid cooled, 276cc, 2-valve, 4-stroke, single cylinder
  • Power: 23.2 HP (8000 RPM), 16.6 lbs-ft torque (6500 RPM)
  • Transmission: CVT
  • Bore & Stroke: 72.7 x 66.5 mm
  • Fuel Delivery: Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Drive: Belt
  • Wheelbase: 60.8”
  • Weight: 398 lbs
  • Starter: Electric
  • Seat height: 30.7”
  • Fuel Tank: 3.3 gallon / 12.5 liter
  • Front brakes: 260mm single disc with three piston caliper and Bosch ABS
  • Rear brakes: 240mm single disc with dual piston caliper
  • Front Suspension: 4.3” travel, 36mm telescopic fork
  • Rear Suspension: 3.9” travel, 5 position pre-load dual rear shocks
  • Tires: 120/80-14 (front), 150/70-13 (rear)
  • Years Sold: 2018 – Present (USA, Canada)
  • MSRP: $3999 (2018 USA), $5299 (2018 Canada)


  • 2018: Matte White, Matte Grey