Joe Rocket GPX Gloves – Crash Tested

Joe Rocket Men's GPX Motorcycle Gloves

Joe Rocket GPX Gloves – Reviewed & Crash Tested

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These Joe Rocket gloves are constructed of 1.0mm thick cowhide with extra leather and double stitching on the palm. In addition to that they have high density plastic positioned along the knuckles so if you crash you won’t be missing too much skin on the top of your hand.

They also look pretty intimidating if you were to get into a fight while wearing them!

Joe Rocket GPX Gloves Construction

I received these gloves as a gift from a friend who was buying some newer gloves of his own, so he gave them to me since my gloves at the time were pretty beat up.

I think he had used these for at least a year, maybe more before he gave them to me, so they were a little weather beaten but very comfortable.

The leather on the palm is doubled up where it needs to be, but in other areas it’s thin so you can feel the controls of the motorcycle really well.

Crash and Aftermath in the Joe Rocket GPX Gloves

I won’t go over the whole crash again, if you want to read that then please check out my review of the First Gear Overpants I was wearing at the time of the high side. At the time of the crash I was traveling 15-25mph when I flipped over the handlebars and I managed to catch myself with my hands and knees.

As you can tell from the pictures my left glove received a 2 inch cut near my thumb, the only section on the palm that has only 1 layer of leather. Where the leather was double stacked on itself you can barely tell it was in an accident, and that is very good!

Joe Rocket Men's GPX Motorcycle Gloves Review

Joe Rocket GPX Gloves Conclusion

The stitching seemed to have held up well too, in fact the only real damage on the glove is that small gash on the palm. I was pretty lucky, although the glove did get cut, my hand was perfectly fine underneath it, in fact my only injury was a couple sore wrists from catching myself from the fall.

It makes me wonder though if I was traveling faster, like maybe 50-60mph, if the gloves would have had a catastrophic failure considering I was traveling at half the speed and I managed to tear the leather on the palm. I suppose as long as the glove protected my hand then it did its job, even if it sacrificed itself in the process.

I definitely plan on ordering more Joe Rocket gear in the future, I think they achieve a good balance of protection and comfort.

Where to Buy the Joe Rocket GPX Gloves

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