Hair Problems when Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet?

motorbike and hair issues

Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet & Hair Problems

Does Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet Cause Hair Loss?

Regularly wearing a motorcycle helmet pulls on hairs, which over time may train the hair roots to move closer to the scalp surface. This is a process called “traction alopecia“, in which the hairs, typically towards the front of the scalp stop growing because their roots become too close to the skins surface until they lose their anchoring in the scalp.

Basically, when the helmet is repeatedly rubbed against the hairline, then it affects the health of the scalp, causing hair to fall out. There is one element in the helmet that in my opinion is the main reason for the hair loss. The name of the element is polystyrene, which is nothing but the foam liner that is placed on the inside of the helmet. What this element does is, it soaks up all natural oils and moisture from the hair, resulting in dry and rough hair.

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When you wear helmets for long durations, then your hair starts to fall, and this condition is called Traction Alopecia. It affects your hair growth cycle, and if you continue to wear a helmet in the same way, then your scalp will experience a condition known as claustrophobia, which results in hair fall. I don’t know about you, but many people feel suffocated after wearing helmets, plus they sweat a lot. This type of sweating is not good for the head because the sweat starts to accumulate in the pores, causing damage to the roots of the hair. The problem of hair loss has become more prevalent in men than in women, and helmets have a major role to play in it.

The issue is further aggravated if you have dandruff issues as well because then, the speed of hair loss will be a lot faster. Now, you must be thinking that wearing a helmet is also important because of the traffic rules, but if there are so many problems arising after wearing a helmet, then what’s the way out? You need to check if your current helmet is tight on your head, then it can lead to hair loss. You can check out a branded helmet with a snug fit onto your head.

Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss from a Motorcycle Helmet:

  1. Like I mentioned above, you need to buy a helmet that fits properly on your head. The helmet is going to remain stable on your head even when you shake it, thus allowing your scalp to be in a good condition.
  2. Don’t wear a helmet without a bandana or a scarf because this will create a partition between your head and the helmet. This will keep all the essential oils and the natural moisture of your hair intact.
  3. You need to wear your helmet in such a way that your hair is not pulled. The right way to wear the helmet is lifting the helmet gently, slipping it down and then, lifting it up again.
  4. While riding your bike, make sure that you take a short break in between the journey.
  5. While removing the helmet, you need to check if there is hair caught around the edges or under the strap. You need to get rid of those hair by gently pulling them.
  6. You need to apply the best shampoo and moisturizer on your hair before wearing a motorcycle helmet. Hair that is well-nourished is less prone to damage and dryness.
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Hair loss can be prevented if you opt for a branded helmet, which is not difficult to find in today’s world. If you have already been experiencing hair loss, then you need to be extra cautious while wearing a helmet. There are many hair loss treatments that are available in the world, such as tonics, scalp massage and more. You can opt for a reliable method to get the original growth of your hair back. You can take the scalp massage in order to improve the circulation of blood in your scalp.

This will improve the skin elasticity of your scalp, thus resulting in an optimum hair growth. So, you need to take care of multiple things in order to prevent hair loss. Wearing a helmet is important because it will save your life. Hair problems have become quite prevalent with the bike riders, but if you follow above-mentioned tips, then you can protect your hair in the most affordable way.