Genuine Hooligan 170i

The Hooligan’s 170cc motor is unique in that most machines in this class use a 125-150cc mill, so the Hooligan offers a nice extra bit of power without jumping to the price point of a 200-300cc machine.
Fuel injection
15 ponies
Great color options
No enclosed legshield storage
Less charming than the Roughhouse


The Hooligan 170 from Genuine Scooter Company serves as a big brother to Genuine’s smaller Roughhouse model. Both machines offer a macho take on the scooter concept, but the Hooligan extends this theme to the engine bay where a generous 169cc resides. The Hooligan was first introduced for 2014 and remains on sale as of 2018.

In many respects the Hooligan 170 fills the niche left vacant by the 2008 – 2010 Rattler 110, but the 2-stroke Rattler was always more of a niche machine for power hungry enthusiasts eying big bore kits. Comparatively, the new Hooligan is more well rounded and liveable with a modern 4-stroke motor. This new motor offers a longer lifespan, greater reliability and substantially improved fuel economy. Thanks in part to the advanced fuel injected system, the Hooligan can attain 75-80 mpg compared to about 65mpg for most machines of this size.

Model Background & Design

The Hooligan was crafted by Genuine in cahoots with PGO Scooters. Two of PGO’s existing models, the Libra (B1-150) and X-Hot (B2-150) served as the basis for the Hooligan. The Hooligan’s front end is mostly derived from the X-Hot, while the clean rear end is of Libra descent. From there, Genuine took things up a notch by slipping in the larger 170cc fuel injected motor these two companies previously co-developed for the Buddy 170i. Genuine then rounded out the performance with black 5 spoke 12” alloy rims, an upsized front disc and upgraded suspension.

To meet North America D.O.T. requirements, the integrated blinkers have been removed and external blinkers have been added below the handlebar and in the rear. Genuine did a nice job keeping these as subtle as possible through the use of clear lens with orange colored bulbs inside. The look of the Hooligan is reminiscent of the Asian spec of Yamaha’s Zuma/BWs 125, which also uses a large central headlight with a smaller orb nearby. The Hooligan is a bit larger than Genuine’s Roughhouse R50 and thus loses a bit of that small scooter charm, but it’s still a nice machine.

The instrumentation in the Hooligan is derived from PGO’s Libra. It’s a 2 gauge design with a large analog tachometer on the left and a smaller digital speedometer on the right with a digital fuel level display as well. There the standard warnings lights (high beams, blinkers) near the tach, and then a few buttons below the digital speedo for resetting the trip odometer and using the digital gauges. Overall it’s a nice setup that’s a step up from many of Genuine’s smaller scooters.


The 169cc Hooligan shares its fuel injected motor with the Buddy 170i, with the exception that the Hooligan uses a longer swingarm/drivecase to accommodate a larger rear wheel. This powerplant can attain 65 mph easily, and it might wander to 70mph if you treat it nicely. This motor has it roots in the legendary GY6 engine design, but it’s modernized in so many ways that it’s not that recognizable as a GY6 any more. This motor is claimed at 15.0 HP at 7000 RPM, which is a healthy amount for its size. 150cc machines are typically in the 11-13 HP range, while 125cc machines hover around 10 HP.

Storage and Amenities

The Hooligan offers a number of amenities including folding pegs and a grab handle to keep any passenger secure while you exercise all 15 ponies. Genuine has nicely equipped this machine with a side stand, which is handy for regular use, and a center stand, which is handy for maintenance work.

The Hooligan scores about average for storage. The underseat area is reasonably commodious, while storage in the legshield is limited to one open cubby hole which tends to be of little use. Also on the legshield is the gas cap, which is positioned mid way up on the left opposite the ignition and funnels gas down to the floorboard located tank. Nearby is also a little hook, which you can try dangling your groceries from when the underseat area is full. Below all these features is also two foot rest areas on either side of the legshield. These come in quite handy for lankier riders looking to stretch out. This scooter also is equipped with two tie down points on either side of the floorboard, which will come in quite handy if you ever trailer your machine.


The Hooligan competes most closely with a slew of 125cc machines from other makers. The Hooligan’s 170cc motor is unique in that most machines in this class use a 125-150cc mill, so the Hooligan offers a nice extra bit of power without jumping to the price point of a 200-300cc machine. One obvious competition is Piaggio’s Typhoon 125 model which offers a similarly aggressive style, but seriously lags the Hooligan in power and technology. With just 125cc and lacking fuel injection, the Typhoon 125 offers a 55mph top speed and only about 65mpg. It does however undercut the Hooligans $3399 MSRP by $700 which makes it more accessible to budget buyers who don’t need the extra power.

In between the Typhoon 125 and the Hooligan is Yamaha’s Zuma 125. The Zuma 125 still lags the Hooligan by 45cc, but it adds fuel injection and 4-valve technology so the performance gap is smaller. Unfortunately the Zuma 125’s MSRP essentially equals that of the Hooligan, which leaves little reason on paper to opt for the Yammy. One more machine with mentioning is Kymco’s Super 8 150. The Super 8 is a nicely designed machine and it’s also a real bargain at $2499. It’s certain to lag the Hooligan in power and milage, but it does offer a compelling MSRP in return.

Prospective buyers would do well to carefully consider their needs. If you’re buying a scooter to use on 60mph roads, the 169cc Hooligan is going to be far superior to a 125-150cc machine. Just a little extra power is the difference between holding up cars and going with the flow. However, if you’re buying a scooter for around town on 45mph roads then you can save quite a bit with a smaller machine.


  • Fuel injection
  • 15 ponies
  • Great color options


  • No enclosed legshield storage
  • Less charming than the Roughhouse


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Key Specs:

  • Engine: 168.9cc single cylinder air cooled 4-stroke
  • Power: 15.0 HP @ 7000 RPM
  • Compression Ratio:
  • Transmission: CVT
  • Bore & Stroke:
  • Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injection
  • Wheelbase: 50.6”
  • Weight: 278 lbs
  • Starter: Electric only
  • Seat height: 30”
  • Fuel Tank: 2 gallon / 8 liter
  • Front Brake: Disk
  • Rear Brake: Disk
  • Tires: 120/70-12 (Front), 130/70-12 (Rear)
  • USA MSRP: $3399 (2014)


  • 2014: Matte Army Green, Matte Black
  • 2015: Matte Army Green, Matte Black, Matte Titanium
  • 2016: White, Matte Black, Matte Titanium
  • 2017: White, Matte Black, Matte Titanium
  • 2018: White, Matte Black, Matte Titanium