Genuine Black Cat

The Black Cat is an off-road inspired street scooter - a popular slant on the scooter design that competes with top sellers like Yamaha’s Zuma and Honda’s Ruckus.
High performance 2-stroke
Unique graphics
Minimal amenities (proper glove box would be nice)
A bit expensive at the time


The 2006 Black Cat is a rare scooter from Genuine that arose out of a collaboration with Black Cat Fireworks. This $2399 limited edition scooter was positioned as the premium sports scooter in Genuine’s early lineup, with the $2099 Rattler 50 slotted in as their lower cost and higher volume option.

The Black Cat was only produced in a one time batch in 2006, although quite a few were still available in 2007. They haven’t been sold since, but the Black Cat shares the bulk of its components with the Roughhouse R50 and Rattler 50 so the differences are primarily cosmetic.

Model Background

2006 was the first year Genuine began collaborating with Taiwan based manufacturer, PGO Scooters. Like the Genuine’s Rattler and future Roughhouse scooters, the Black Cat was based on PGO’s popular PM-50 design. Internationally PGO sells a number of versions of the PM-50 design, which are primarily the PMS (aka PM Sport), PMX (aka PM Off-Road) and then “Naked” versions of each with exposed handlebars. It was the regular PMX design that formed the basis for the Black Cat.

The Roughhouse 50 is virtually the same scooter as it was also based on the PGO PMX (off-road) design, with the main difference being the larger headlights in the Roughhouse which are shared with the Rattler 110. The Rattler 50 has a few more differences as it was based on the PGO PMS Naked (sporty but naked bars), so it uses slicker tires, a sportier front fender, no mud booties on the forks and exposed handlebars. Check out the Roughhouse page for a more in depth discussion of the differences.


The Black Cat is powered by perhaps the most popular 2-stroke 50cc engine of all time – the horizontal Minarelli. This basic design has been employed over the years by countless manufacturers from Yamaha and Aprilia, to the Chinese. The Black Cat uses a long case, air cooled version of this motor that was restricted to 30mph to meet regulations in most states. Once derestricted, the Black Cat lives up to its name and is capable of close to 50mph.

Genuine’s Rattler 50 and Roughhouse scooters also use this motor, so parts are plentiful both from Genuine and elsewhere. The Minarelli motor has a huge following worldwide and so affordable performance parts are widely available if 48mph isn’t fast enough. The Buddy 50 uses a similar Minarelli motor, but it’s a short case version to match the Buddy’s smaller rear wheel.

The Minarelli motor is an older but solid design. It doesn’t have the same level of technology as some scooters like Aprilia’s SR50, nor does it offer the ultra low emissions and fuel consumption of a 4-stroke motor, but the Minarelli is a good all-around choice as it provides enjoyable power, good fuel economy and reliability in an affordable package. If you aren’t sure if a 2-stroke or 4-stroke motor suits your situation, here’s a breakdown of the key differences.


The Black Cat offered riders a moderate level of amenities. The underseat storage area is average, with room for some helmets. Complimenting the underseat area is a small cubby hole on the legshield which can be useful. Typically a locking and enclosed glovebox is more appealing as it provides secure long term storage for essentials like insurance papers, spark plugs, extra gloves and the sort. The Black Cat lacks a 12V accessory outlet in the underseat area, which the newer Genuine Roughhouse employs.

Physically, the Black Cat is a taller scooter. The seat height measures 31”, which puts it an inch or two taller than the average 50cc. There is some squish when you’re straddling the seat, but riders significantly under 6’ might want to look for a lower ride.

Genuine equipped the Black Cat with a front disc brake which is an appreciated touch. A front disc is far too uncommon in the 50cc scene, so kudos to Genuine for including it on all of their scooters right down to 50cc.


The Black Cat is an off-road inspired street scooter – a popular slant on the scooter design that competes with top sellers like Yamaha’s Zuma and Honda’s Ruckus. Until 2012, the Zuma was a 2-stroke like the Black Cat was, and thus offered a very similar suite of features during the years of the Black Cat. The Ruckus has always used 4-stroke power, which means less pep but better milage and lower emissions.

Two other scooters sold around the time of the Black Cat were Kymco’s Cobra Cross and Aprilia’s Rally 50. The Black Cat joins these two scooters as a neat off-road inspired scooter that was sold only in very small volumes in the USA. All of these scooters are peppy 2-strokes that are a lot of fun to rip around on. Don’t pay too much and you’ll have cheap but wildly fun transportation that’s great around town and on some gentle trails.

The final scooters worth mentioning here are Genuine’s own Rattler and Roughhouse. All of these off-road inspired scooters can be found used for similar prices. The Ruckus is the only scooter stuck with drum brakes front and rear, while the also being the only scooter that’s a 4-stroke (besides the 2012 Zuma). The Black Cat is virtually the same scooters as these other Genuine’s, so the main differentiator is the Black Cat graphics. If you love yellow, black and red, or you just want something unique then the Black Cat is a nice pick up for the right price. Unlike the Kymco and Aprilia, used parts are easy to find since its stable-mates share mostly the same bits.


  • High performance 2-stroke
  • Unique graphics


  • Minimal amenities (proper glove box would be nice)
  • A bit expensive at the time


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Service Manual – Download the PGO Service manual which covers most of the Black Cat

Key Specs:

  • Engine: 2-stroke, Air-cooled, 50cc Single
  • Power: 4.8 HP @ 7000 RPM, 3.8 lbs-ft torque @ 6500 RPM
  • Compression Ratio: 6.8 : 1
  • Transmission: CVT
  • Bore & Stroke: 40mm x 39.2mm
  • Fuel Delivery: Carb
  • Wheelbase:
  • Weight: 203 lbs
  • Starter: Electric and Kick
  • Seat height: 31”
  • Fuel Tank: 1.35 gallon
  • Front Brake: Disc
  • Rear Brake: Drum
  • Front Suspension: Telescoping Fork
  • Rear Suspension: Single Shock
  • Tires: 120/90-10 (Front), 130/90-10 (Rear)
  • USA MSRP: $2399