Draggin Jeans Cargo Pants Review

Draggin Jeans Cargo Pants Review

In our never ending quest to find comfortable, safe, and quality riding gear one of the most overlooked items is a good pair of riding pants.  Many of us are satisfied with a good jacket and jeans, while others may forego all the fanfare of pants altogether and simply don a pair of their favorite shorts.  Don’t be fooled, protective pants are one of the “must haves” of motorcycle gear.  They protect an area of the body that will spend a great deal of time sliding on asphalt in the unfortunate event of a crash!

Choosing a pair of riding pants can be difficult, as there are a great deal of factors to consider.  Price, time of year, weather, duration of rides, comfort, and even style play a large part in selecting an appropriate set of pants.  This review will focus on a pair of riding pants made by Draggin’ Jeans,  and manufacturer pants, jackets and other riding accessories.


First thing’s first, how do they look?  On a scale of “yoga leggings” to “armored centurion,” these pants fall into the happy medium of “current trend.”  Bottom line, they look great.  An experienced rider may spot them after studying them for a moment, but most of the styles available avoid the look of the classic motorcycle pants and give the impression to be a quality pair of department store jeans.

Even with the available armor inserts they manage to avoid any noticeable bulges and lumps that many pairs of riding pants tend to exhibit.  In the looks department, these are a solid choice, especially for the commuter rider that may not want to change every time they get on and off their bike.

Fit and application

When I received this pair of pants from Draggin’ Jeans I admit I was skeptical.  The majority of riding gear that I’ve used that is designed to look and feel like typical everyday clothing has been a disappointment.  The pants I used could not be farther from that.  Not only were they, by far, the most comfortable riding pants I’ve ever worn, but the fit (at least at the waist) was absolutely perfect.

The Draggin’ Jeans Cargo pants included belt loops, something that I’ve noticed other manufacturers leave out on occasion.  The size I wore was a 30 inch waist, and it fit like a charm.  There was absolutely zero chaffing, there was no tightness around the waist, and the DuPont Kevlar fiber did not cause any sort of stiffness or rubbing.  The feel was soft, inviting, yet still inspired confidence in the protection it offered.

The one negative aspect of the pair of pants I wore was the length.  I’m 5’8″ and typically wear pants that are 30 inch waist with a 30 inch inseam. These cargo pants have a much longer inseam, probably around 34 inches. That required me to roll them up when I wore them, otherwise the length would get in the way.

When I contacted www.dragginjeans.net and asked about this they said they were designed this way on purpose. The pants are easily hemmed so you get a perfectly custom fit. Unfortunately, I’m not great at sewing and I haven’t made it down to a tailor to hem these jeans yet. Just keep this in mind when you buy these pants. If you are taller, then you will most likely find this extra length a blessing!


Normally when reviewing riding gear, I like to put it through an array of tests including stress tests.  I had the rare opportunity of testing these pants in a minor crash.  When I say minor, I mean zero MPH. Yes folks, I was fooling around and ended up falling over while on my Triumph Speed Triple!

As far as slide protection, I can’t give an accurate review, but I can say that without the pants I was given to test I most likely would have suffered more injuries in the fall.  The pants came away a little dirty, but with no visible damage.  This, combined with the incredible comfort, fit and protection available, secured Draggin’ Jeans products at the top of my “go to” list when ordering quality, every day riding pants.

Rarely do I find it this difficult to find faults in a piece of riding gear, but (barring actual slide testing) these pants will, for the time being, be what I recommend to other riders looking for reliable on and off the bike leg gear.


  • Extremely comfortable, confidence inspiring protection, addition armor available
  • Looks great, can be worn on or off the bike
  • Quality stitching/zippers


  • Make sure to order proper size

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: DeshMoto is an avid motorcyclist who has been riding for over 10 years. From Kawasaki Dirtbikes, Honda Magna’s, and now his dark steed of the Triumph Speed Triple, he has experience on all types of motorcycles. You can keep up with his adventures on his youtube channel: Deshmoto