Chippewa Men’s 7″ Steel Toe 27872 Motorcycle Boot Review

Chippewa Men boot

Hands On Review – Chippewa Steel Toe Motorcycle Boots

Nowadays, motorcycle boots are an absolute necessity and not wearing a good pair of motorcycle boots is utter madness.

The good news is that finding a nice pair of motorcycle boots that are both stylish and also protect your feet is easier than ever. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from.

In this hands on review, we introduce you to one of the finest leather boots of all times, the Chippewa Men’s 27872 boot, made by the storied Chippewa Boot Company which has been making footwear since 1901.

Chippewa boots are the highest quality choice for the person who wants only the best in rugged outdoor footwear. Let’s see if our hands on review of the Chippewa Men’s 27872 boot shows this boot carrying on the tradition.

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Specification of the Chippewa Motorcycle Boot
Safety measures of Chippewa Motorcycle Boots
Conclusion. A Boot Worth Every Penny

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Chippewa Men’s Steel Toe 27872 Boot Specs


Lets us get acquainted with the qualities of this motorcycle boots.

Leather made boots: If you are in doubt whether the boot pair is made up of hybrid materials of rexine only, then you are to get informed that this product is completely molded with leather materials all over it. This is one of the best qualities of this product and provides utmost comfort for the biker. You can change and shift gears like a cozy feeling at your leg ankles and joints. On the other leg side, the rear braking will also feel like comfy. You can certainly get assured of it.

​Vibram sole: This product comes with Vibram sole. In most of the cases, while riding motorcycle, you might feel vibration through your sole. This cases mental dissatisfaction and as well disturbs your nervous system. But this product pair comes with perfect vibration controlling mechanism and disseminates the vibration effects right in the sole. In case too much vibration while riding the bike at good speed; the sole dissipates the vibration effects towards the outer body of the boots. This happens to be utmost comfortable.


​Shaft measurement: The total shaft of this boot pair is 7-1/2 inch long from the arch. This is quite long and helps to cover your leg portion while sitting on the bike comfortably. This is also helpful for riding bike through mud and dust. It won’t let your socks get drenched or dirty that easily. Lengthy shaft allows for better gripping of the boot pair and makes you feel more comfortable.

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Chippewa Men boot

Vibram out sole: The outer sole portion of this product is completely vibration resistant. When you are riding your motorbike at a speed of 100 km/h or more, then bike vibration is nothing unknown. In that case, you might feel a shaky motion in your legs. But if you experience this effect wearing the Chippewa Men’s 27872 motorcycle boots, you’ll feel pretty much better than any other conventional one. Make sure that you’ve worn the boot pairs tightly and rigidly.

Extreme quality stitches: This product is stitched so strongly and rigidly that you won’t be able to tear the parts of with your bare hands. You’ll certainly require stronger tools to rip the product off in separate parts. This is like a test that this product has gone through. Ripping force is greatly high in this product. This proves the durability and rigidity of this product to a great extent.

​Colors: When it comes to choose the colors, you get a lot of options in mind. After choosing a specific boot pair, color becomes a great deal. For your information, this product comes in different colors like pure black, faded black, brown, faded brows etc.

​Belt mechanism: This product comes with two belt mechanism for tighter fastening. One belt is situated around the ankle portion where the boot fits around your leg prominently. Another one lies above the ankle portion towards leg portion. This is the part for make it fixed with the leg vertical. Both the belts help the user to make it really tight yet flexible.

Safety measures of Chippewa Men’s 27872 motorcycle boots

Chippewa-Men motorcycle-boots

Motorcycle boots must be fashionable to look at and should also provide a great stake of safety. Both the factors are present in the Chippewa Men’s 27872 because it is manufactured keeping all the things in mind.

  • The product is completely molded with leather materials. In case of traumatic accidents and grave scratches to your leg side will prominently provide safeguard to your leg ligaments and bones.
  • The Vibram sole helps to have a steady yet continuous blood circulation to your leg portion. This helps the legs not to get clumsy and active continuously. This is like a zoological safety to your legs.

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Conclusion. Chippewa Men’s 27872 Boots Are Worth Every Penny. 

While going for any riding boots, you better opt something that is not only comfortable for wearing but also is riding in case of accidents. Motorcycle riding is always dangerous, especially when you are riding on highways.

However, you are always advised to wear motorcycle boots and if that is Chippewa Men’s 27872, then you have the best solution pairs in your leg. Make sure you are safe while riding your bike at any stake and also wear motorcycle boots promptly.