The Best Motorcycle To Ride On a Date: Yamaha SR400

Yamaha SR400. Photo courtesy of Yamaha.

Best Motorcycle To Ride On a Date

You’ve seen them. Svelte his and her versions of tailored motorcycle jackets, gloves, and helmets, locked in an embrace as they tour through the city. He’s got his hands on the handles and she’s locked around his waist. The two of them spirit through town with a devil may care attitude and a hell of a lot of horsepower churning between their legs (pun intended). Motorcycles only look cooler with a couple riding off into a romantic evening or getaway. So you’ve probably seen the pair and fantasized about taking your better half on a night ride as well. The question is what motorcycle will best suit you and your date on date night?

If we’re going for an aesthetic look, the retro vintage bike is always a winner with style points. The question is how to avoid a bike so authentically vintage that it skips on the perks of modern tech and functionality? No one wants to ride a beautiful looking bike that is ultimately uncomfortable or unsafe. Think of your passenger. So we’ve set our sights on one bike on the market that ticks off all the boxes. Get acquainted with the Yamaha SR400.

The Yamaha SR400. Photo courtesy of Yamaha.


Here’s a stunningly sexy bike that will seduce the kit off your date, if it hasn’t already gotten your attention first. This retro look is all sorts of sweet with its polished onyx frame and 399cc air cooled engine. It first hit the scene some years ago. But everything old is new again. And here the model only boosts its original sense of perfection with some nuanced updates. It’s lightweight at a mere 384 pounds. But don’t let that fool you about the manliness of the engine. The SR400 rocks a single cylinder 2-valve engine with fuel injection that gives what Yamaha calls a “thumper character” to your ride.

But let’s talk simple silhouette. The SR400 is muscular, with a vascular sort of taper. It harkens back to the days when chrome was bold and brazen enough to make heads turn but not so overstated that you feel like you’re riding a metal monster. Your date will feel edgy enough to jump at the idea of a touring adventure. But she won’t be concerned about coming home with oil stains on her shoes. Best of all, the saddle is more than big enough for the two of you.

Yamaha SR400. Photo courtesy of Yamaha.

You won’t have to worry about shelling out a fortune on gas either. Here’s a 3.2 gallon fuel tank that gets 66 miles to the gallon. So even if you ride out of the city limits, you can still save your precious pennies to splurge on dinner.

Yamaha has yet another winner on its hands. The SR400 retails for $5999.