​Suzuki TU250x Review

beginner motorbike - ​Suzuki TU250x Review

The Breakdown

The Suzuki TU250x is one of the best buys out there in the 250 class. If you want something more classic looking than the Ninja 250 or 300, you should check out this bike. Fun, inexpensive and perfect for beginners.
Price 9.0
Fun 9.0
Performance 7.0
Looks 9.0
Single cylinder engine that is fuel injected, Light weight, lots of fun, Inexpensive, Potential to mod it to a scrambler, Classic looks
A little underpowered, Not great for the freeways

Suzuki TU250x Review

Why It Makes a Great Beginner Motorcycle

There aren’t that many single cylinder motorcycles out there when compared to twins and inline-fours. This little Suzuki proves you can have big fun with a smaller motorcycle. With it’s classic lines and thumping engine, this is an ideal bike for a smaller rider or someone who wants something to commute around town. If you are a new rider, or even just someone who wants some cheap transportation, read on to find out why this bike rocks and why it always makes our cheapest motorcycles to buy list.

Suzuki TU250x Is Single Cylinder FUN

The TU250x is powered by a 249cc single cylinder air cooled engine. This bike is even fuel injected with an electric start. That is a pleasant surprise for just a classic looking motorcycle. No having to mess with kickstarters and chokes!

One thing that single’s have in their favor is a decent amount of torque for their size. This bike puts out 14hp at around and the torque peaks at 11.3 ft/lbs. That is a fraction of larger bikes, but a good amount for a bike that only weighs 326 lbs wet. It makes it VERY beginner friendly.

You Can Ride the TU250 Like You Stole It

You may find this little TU250x to be slightly underpowered, especially when you start tackling hills and higher speeds. The key to unlocking this bike is to not be afraid of revving it up and being aggressive with the gear shifter. In fact a lot of smaller bikes like the Ninja 250 also require to be ridden like this.

When I ride a small bike I regularly am keeping the bike near the redline. Then again, I like to ride motorcycles like I stole them, haha! This style of riding is actually good for the engine (look up an Italian tune-up)

By keeping the rev’s high you will be able to maximize every hoof of that horsepower and have a lot of fun. That also means you will be shifting a lot more than a larger bike, but in my mind that is what makes small bikes such a blast to ride. You actually feel like you are doing something rather than just twisting the throttle.

Did You Say Suzuki TU250x Scrambler???

This bike just SCREAMS to be turned into a scrambler. A scrambler is a street bike that has been modified to make it more capable off road. A very popular style right now!

If you replaced the street tires with some semi-knobby ones that would work on the dirt and then tweaked the suspension, you would have a very capable dual sport! Since the bike is already so lightweight you wouldn’t have too much trouble throwing it around on fire roads and some more aggressive terrain.

If you choose to keep this bike stock then you would have a great around town transportation. Although it’s capable of jaunts on the freeway, it’s most at home downtown and on college campuses. In fact this bike is ideal for a college student. At just a little of $4,000 brand new, you can have a lot of fun for not a lot of money.


One of the best buys out there in the 250 class. If you want something more classic looking than the Ninja 250 or 300, you should check out this bike.


  • Single cylinder engine that is fuel injected
  • Light weight and lots of fun
  • Inexpensive
  • Potential to mod it to a scrambler
  • Classic looks


  • A little underpowered
  • Not great for the freeways

Suzuki TU250x Video Reviews

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Suzuki proves that a quality motorcycle doesn’t have to max your credit card limit with its affordable and air-cooled TU250X.

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Stories of Bike Ep10: Dream (A ’12 Suzuki TU250x Story). From the age of 7, when motorbikes enthralled her with their looks, sound and sense of freedom, Jodie made it her dream to surround herself with bikes. Cool video that showcases a custom 2012 Suzuki TU250.

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