Moto Vino

Ah, another glorious Minnesota Spring day – about 45 degrees outside, and rain. Oh yes, perfect for a scooter ride. Motovino put together a series of nationwide scooter rallies to benefit children’s charities. Aaaaaaand who is MotoVino? Check them out at: . Bob from Scooterville did a lot of work trying to get local scooterists to participate and, despite the bad weather, a few did show up.

We gathered at Sutler’s in Stillwater ( ) in the cold and rain (drizzle really at this point) and found hot coffee, tasty sustenance, and a bunch of local scooterists who showed up in (gasp) cars. There were also people from out-of-town (the St. Cloud area) who managed to get there, in the cold, and the rain. So I guess we know the tough/wimp factor of some local riders (you know who you are…).

Bob led us on a fun route that included Mounds Park, downtown Saint Paul, and Cathedral Hill. In fairness to the less-hardy scooterists, it was drizzling and we did get about five minutes of real rain and, yes, it was cold. That being said, it was still a fun ride (thanks Bob).

We ended up at Zander’s Cafe in Saint Paul (sorry, I couldn’t find a website for them). There was cold beer courtesy of Summit ( ), lots of wines to sample from MotoVino, and FABULOUS munchies from Zander’s. There were nearly as many car-bound scooterists there as ride participants and the gathering was a lot of fun. One of the “it’s-too-cold-and-wet-to-ride” types did zip home and bring his scoot to Zander’s… have a look at the picture below to figure out the identity of this particular scooterist.

Bad weather not withstanding, we raised a couple bucks for a good cause, and had a great time!


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