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The Genuine Scooter Company Ambassador

Many of you will know Ed Raschke from his role at Scooterville here in Minneapolis Minnesota. Ed is currently driving around the country as an “Ambassador” for Genuine Scooter Company. That’s right, Ed and Scooter (Ed’s dog) are in the Scooter Love Bus spreading the word of Genuine.

Ed Raschke and Scooter on the road for Genuine Scooter Company

Genuine Scooter Company Scooter Love Bus

America’s “Smallest” Scooter Company

If you’ve listened to the Genuine and Scooterworks podcasts, you know some of the story behind Philip McCaleb and Genuine. If you haven’t listened to the shows…. what are you waiting for? They’re right there, just scroll back up the page a bit! I have been fortunate enough to get to know Philip and some of the Genuine dealers, they are a fun bunch and a BIG part of what makes scootering such a good time. The Genuine Stella was (and is) a wonderful scooter that was masterfully marketed and promoted. Genuine’s relationship with PGO has given the US market fabulous scooter success stories like the Buddy. There’s no doubt in my mind that the attitude of playful fun that permeates Genuine’s advertising and business philosophy is a key factor in their success. Here are some of the print ads that Genuine has put out over the years.

Genuine Stella Old School Ad           Genuine Stella Guess How Old She Is Ad

Genine Stella All Dressed Up Ad            Genuine Stella Gosh Damn Ad

Genuine Stella Praise Ad            Genuine Ameirc's Favourite Scooter Company Ad

Genuine Rattler 110 Ad            Genuine America's Smallest Scooter Company Ad

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