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When stealing paper clips…

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    As we have all stolen pens and pencils and post-it’s from our office to stock our homes (I mean really, who hasn’t?), here are a few other things you should look for when pilfering the supply cabinet:

    Flents Wipe ‘N Clear Antifog cleaning wipes.

    These things are awesome to keep a few in your bag or in your jacket pocket for clearing off the summer bugs that go splat on your face shield (you do wear a full face, right???). These are also tremendously helpful at getting rid of fog on cold mornings when you really don’t want to crack the visor open.

    E-A-R Classic SuperFit Earplugs

    They have great big boxes of these things around my office if you go anywhere where people are running noisey machinery (e.g. the mail room) They are great for protecting you from tinnitus and hearing loss from all the wind noise you experience riding on the highway. It’s also said that wearing ear protection also helps reduce fatigue while riding.

    So does anyone else have any good freebies that they snag for their bike?

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