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some funny names

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    Jeff in Kentucky

    Here are some funny names from around the U.S.-

    Christ Christ (born in Bethlehem PA)
    Robbin Droppings
    Billy Klubb
    Dan Druff
    Kit Ann Kaboodle
    Doris Closed
    Cheri Pitts
    Rhoda Bike
    Pat Fanny
    Penny Hooker
    Isabelle Ringing
    Skip Church
    Warren Peace
    Joe Dripps
    Rusty Back
    Woody Bottom
    Pat Dick
    Jennifer Didelot
    Dick Tingle
    Dick Trickle
    Beecher Dick
    Harry Balls
    Turly Curd
    Willie Wank
    Melton Lipps
    Landon A. Virgin
    Ty Koon
    Peachy Pitts
    Pete Moss
    Wade Bogg
    Inky Mark
    Mary A. Fink
    Rebel Justice
    Lirpa Sloof
    Ima Hogg
    Firmus Dick
    Etta Pile


    Had a good laugh with the others around the table on this. Thanks for sharing. :-D

    Jeff in Kentucky

    A funny named state park in Kentucky, note the name of the street and town too:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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