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So I took my co-workers to a motorcycle shop…

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    Yesterday, my work group (well, 5 of us) went out to lunch together. On the way to the Thai place, we passed a small motorcycle shop. Okay, we passed two, but one of them is a Harley dealer. Anyway, I made a comment about how one of the guys needs to stop by there some time to take a look. He took the MSF course in February, passed, got his license… and hasn’t ridden since. Issues at home, I guess.

    Anyway, I wasn’t driving, but on the way back the guy driving pulls in there! So we all pile out of the Tahoe, look around… This dealer carries Hyosungs and a few other used bikes on consignment. I immediately throw a leg over a bike, and the other guys just stare at me like I’d shot the Mona Lisa with a paint ball gun. I tell them that the bikes are there to be tried, so they start touching, sitting… I get the one guy to actually sit on the sport 250, and until he got his feet on the pegs he hated it. Once he got on there while I held it up, he put his feet on the pegs and I could see the light come on — suddenly it was comfortable.

    But the real kicker… One guy in my group is Vietnamese, all of 5’3″ and 110lbs soaking wet. He gets on the sport bike, and it’s clearly too big for him. He sits on the Aquila 250 and LOVES it. “Perfect fit” he says. So then he walks over to a 150 scooter and says “THIS is the one.”

    So as we’re getting back in the car (over a half hour later) to go back to work, I comment that since the scooter was over 50cc’s, he needs a motorcycle endorsement. “How do I do that?” So we (the othe guy who took the MSF class and I) describe the class, how you register, all that. We get back to work and I send him the link for the local MSF schedule and organization.

    By the end of the work day, he’d registered for the class…



    Nice! I always love going to the shops and tinkering around. I remember back when I thought it was ‘wrong’ to sit on the bikes too lol…glad to hear you’ve made some new believers!

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