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    Hi folks. New user here. I have a bunch of questions and rather than clogging up the forum, I thought I would try to use a Search function. Is there such a search function for the forums?

    My other question is about insurance. I’m trying to line up all the costs involved in riding. (I hope this hasn’t been asked and therefore searchable with said Search function.) I’ve been riding about ten years and have never had the need to buy insurance. (I know that sounds weird; all will be illuminated over at my Introductions post.) I know insurance depends on the type of bike, displacement, riding experience, zip code, years riding, Lo Jack, age, etc etc. Just to get a sample, I went over the Progressive site and put in proxy answers to the type of bike I will probably purchase — in this case, a used 600cc supersport. How much insurance protection do you guys usually carry on your rides? Bodily injury, property damage, underinsured, uninsured, all that good stuff. (I have other health and medical insurance.) I realize everyone has different needs but I just wanted to get a baseline for comparison. (A friend told me that it matters what you tell the company as to the purpose of the insurance.)

    Thanks for any help. I hope as I continue to use this forum that I will soon be able to offer my own experiences and advice.

    Oh, and suggestions to experiences with insurance companies would be greatly appreciated.



    This site doesn’t seem to have a search function, which is bad, because the same questions (like what bike should I get) come up repeatedly.

    FYI on insurance quote from my State Farm agent today (San Jose, CA):

    – 250k (per person)/500k (per incident)/100k (property damage)
    – uninsured motorist
    – $500 deductable for comp/collision
    – 45 year old male, clean driving record (lucky that I never got tickets the way I ride …)

    ’00 R1: $252.75 for 6 months
    ’05 GSXR1k: $289.89 for 6 months
    ’03 YZF600R: $177.89 for 6 months
    ’07 SV650: $222.80 for 6 months
    ’01 GS500: $170.53 for 6 months


    Jordan S.

    HAHA, lucky. Though I was quoted way more I think that premium you pay was about that for me except for 2 mo. of coverage. Though I heard a statistic that was something like 75% of riders that are involved in crashes dont have adequate insurance coverage- which kinda makes sense with everyone I hear saying “oh my insurance is so cheap only 200$ for a year.” Funny since I was thinking more like 150$ a month for me if I wanted an excellent coverage.



    Luckily Google takes care of this for you. Do a google search with the following keyword:


    So for instance, if I want to search for posts about insurance quotes:

    “insurance quotes site:bestbeginnermotorcycles.com”

    Also, don’t get a 600cc supersport if it’s your first bike. It’s your funeral, so do what you gotta do, but I advise against it. And yes, that’s coming from a GSX-R owner.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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