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Rumors about 2010 and EPA laws.

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    Jay T

    I have heard a little about EPA compliance in the USA next year. All motorcycle companies that hope to sell motorcycles in the United States will have to have a motor equal to California EPA rules (C.A.R.B.). It seems that you won’t be able to modify much on these motorcycles without getting a fine. They will allow you to build 1 (yes that is just ONE) non-compliant motorcycle per life time. Once you do, you cannot sell it, for any reason, for five years. That is even if you die, your heirs may not sell it for the remainder of the five years. Pretty harsh. Seems they will be putting some chopper shops out of business. That is unless they figure out how to make those cool, $45k trailer queens with a compliant motor. If you are building now, get going. You will want to have it finished before the end of this year. The year of a custom is the year that it is registered.

    Jay T.

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