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    i feel quite content with myself today for i actually scraped some pegs when goin around some curves and man did that throw me for a loop! lol at first i was like #@$! what do i do?!?! but i just rode it out and everythin was awesome!!! told my gf when i got home and she freaked out on me…ugh…hell hath no fury does it? anywho it was awesome to think that i was actually gettin down that low i didnt think i was even that close. oh and i was doin all this on my ex500!! go kawi!!


    lol…grats!… 2 lessons learned
    1) Take the curve a tad slower… no rat race
    2) And likely more important then the first…. absolutely no telling the girlfriend of squidly mistakes and discoveries, she will hurt you quicker at times then the bike can…lol


    …scraping pegs while demonstrating some of the exercises. Kind of funny on a 250 Nighthawk.

    But when we were discussing things in the classroom, we had a chance to “stump your classmates” with questions. One that came up: You’re going into a right hand sweeper, oncoming traffic, you realize you’re going in too hot. What to do?

    The answer (from the instructor): Unless you’re scraping hard parts on the road, you have more lean angle — press and pray.


    I do it alot on my bike…my pegs are straight below. I’ve beveled them nicely (they’re rubber coated, not sportbike metal). :-) That’s why I’m looking for a next bike with more rearset, sportbike style ones. As long as you keep in mind what you learned in MSF (don’t push more, but don’t freak out and stand it up, and keep the throttle steady), it’ll come off fine.

    Try leaning your body (or even just your head) to the inside…it’ll reduce your lean angle while tightening your turn (so you’ll not only turn sharper, but you’ll also have more angle in reserve if you need it). Just moving your head so that it’s inline with the inside handgrip will do it…I’m not advocating hanging off on the street ala road racing, just a slight additional lean.

    The MSF ‘Motorcycling Excellence” book has some nice diagrams of why this works.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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