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New goodies (beware Dial-Up – Long Post with Pics)

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    Sweet. I might have to pick up a pair.

    I’m trying to talk the boss into a pair of mesh over pants. She wines that it’s too hot in the summer and won’t get on the bike because she doesn’t want to change out of her shorts. I’m looking to see if i can find her a pair of pants she can throw on over shorts and get out and ride!!!!


    Well, as promised here is my latest round of shopping.

    1) Rapid Transit Recon 19 Magnetic Tank Bag

    Not bad value at $80. Got lots of pockets and features. Has a pouch to store a water bag which might be more convenient than my camel back as I hate wearing backpacks while riding. Also has a built in raincover which is not detachable so I can’t lose it. The phone pocket is a bit tight for my iPhone so I’m not sure if I’ll use it. Also the map pocket is very small so I’ll probably make up handwritten notes as backup to my GPS for longer trips. I thought the backpack feature was a gimmick but I might actually use that. We’ll see.

    2) Sidi B2 Gore-Tex Boot

    Same boots as I currently have but with a Gore-Tex liner. Quickly discovered on my first ride on the new bike that my feet are no longer protected from the elements. I love these boots so a GoreTex version at a close out price was a no brainer.

    3) KTM Hard Equipment Enduro Handguards

    These hand guards seem to offer the best combination of fit/finish and price and a lot of folks have installed them on their Versys. Hope between these and new gloves I can avoid putting on my hippo hands.

    4) SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack Toprack

    Thought long and hard about what type of luggage I want to fit to the Versys. The stock sidecases look gorgeous but would probably run me north of $800. Decided to just buy a rack so I can reuse the top case I already have. Will probably add a waterproof soft bag across the passenger seat for extra luggage for long trips. With that and the tank bag I think that will be enough for my planned 2 week summer trip.

    5) REV’IT! Bastion GTX Gloves

    My current winter gloves have started leaking and now have a permanent sour smell so it’s time for something new. I’m a big fan of Gore-Tex and don’t mind paying a premium for something I know is going to work. I hope to pick these gloves up tomorrow morning at a local dealer, assuming my credit card doesn’t snap in half with all of this spending!


    I’ve been looking at that tank bag, and am curious as to how it works out for you. I’ve been looking at getting a tank bag before doing a motorcycle camping trip this summer.

    You’ll have to let me know, maybe make a quick review of it :-)


    Actually, the picture up on my last post isn’t my bike, it is an example that someone else took of what I am looking at. Good info though on the Massachusetts laws, I’m in Oregon, and don’t know what the laws here saw about markers, but I know the cops here are pretty lax on enforcing what laws there are for lights on bikes, and most cars even. However to save on headache later I’m going to take a look.

    I rearranged my photobucket and broke all the links to the photos I have already posted, I’ll fix this soon.


    I agree with bigguybbr re. integrated tail lights.

    These might look cool to some, but are not very good as directional indicators.

    I’ll stick with the big, sticky-out factory ones.

    We need all the visibility we can get out there.

    Jeff in Kentucky

    To prevent or cure a sour smell, try using Febreze spray. It does work better for preventing than curing. This spray is much easier and safer for leather and many plastic fabrics than soap and water, and is very good at preventing sweat odors, and at least reducing existing oily sweat smells.

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