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Just wanted to say hello… again

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    WOW!!! After buying an 84 Virago 700 in August, I thought.. ok this will be cool to run around town on, an occasional ride to work and so on. Sorry I haven’t been around but…

    Man I was wrong. Since September I have been riding the 45 mile round trip to work and looking for reasons not to do stuff around the house and get on the bike. Munch told me to be prepared… my commute would become much longer and he was right. I am always looking for a “shortcut” home. Usually it adds 10-20 minutes to the ride.

    So I hit 2 milestones his and just had to post.
    I rode home from work in the dark tonight. Not a big deal when your on a well lit street. But there’s about a 4 mile stretch with lots of twists and turns, but no lighting. I was scared!!!! But I took it easy and made it home to post. Earlier in the week, I took the freeway, 1/2 mile stretch 2 exits down. Not a fan of it. I take the backroads to work everyday and I really enjoy the feeling of the outdoors around me. I love riding at night when there’s stars out.. it really is beautiful. In the morning on the way to work, I smell the damp redwoods and man there is nothing like it. I can’t believe how incredible I feel for the rest of the day. I used to get nervous leaving and coming home, but now, I get the stomach feeling because I can’t wait.

    So, I haven’t driven the car in a month. I’ve dropped about 50 bucks into the tank and been more relaxed than I have felt in years.

    I would say that was the best freeking 700 bucks I’ve ever spent.


    Good to see a new rider so pumped on discovering our favorite obsession. Also good to see it can still be done on such a small investment.


    I started riding just thinking to go to work and home. I never thought I’d have 2 bikes and love riding so much. There is such a peaceful and free feeling when you’re on a bike.

    Keep Rockin!


    you know, since I started riding, I don’t have a car! it’s been a little more than a year and a half!!! I do borrow a car only when is raining nonstop, but other than that, I just go riding. college, work, doctors appointments, you name it. when I’m little tired, I just rest on the gas tank (gsxr 600). do you think riding is addicting? ……. keep it safe and enjoy it!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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