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Invisible Captcha… impossible to post.

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    Hi there,

    I haven’t been around for a while, and just posted an update on my new bike purchase, I got some great responses, but am unable to thank them, or write back as I get this message;

    The answer you entered for the CAPTCHA was not correct.

    But here ISN’T a captcha anywhere to put in.

    Please, ADMINS, you are making the site unusable.

    I am on a mac, my life is on mac, and I cannot install Explorer as it doesn’t exist on my platform.

    What happened to last year when I posted from my iphone? This isn’t possible anymore.

    Come on, get your game on! I am about to cross the Andes and was thinking of throwing up pictures and video live.. but if I cannot connect through my iphone.. :(

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