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    E…poke at most other sports and a punchline…love it…

    I’m not much of a sports fan, unless it is motorsports…anything with an engine is cool to me…they had a trials demo team at the bike show this year…my 12yo daughter thought it was the coolest thing…she asked “is it safe?”, and I responded “not as dangerous as other things you might want to do”…pretty sure she didn’t get the inuendo, but I laughed…



    New here. I started riding back in 1967 like TrialsRider above on a Tempo Sport 125, quickly illegally converted to a 175 with 13HP. Today I ride a GSX-R1000 with 180HP, quite a change. I am a Norwegian now living in the US and in the Motorcycle country of the Ozark Mountains.

    My wife is actively involved pre-crash Motorcycle Accident Scene Trauma/Training (MAST), over 3,000 trained so far so they know what to do comping upon a MC accident. This includes 1st responders, police, riders, EMTs and bikers, even State Police’s training instructors. I am also an instructor and also an MSF rider couch, training here (AR/MO). We have also spent many days on tracks in EU and US with my racing license.

    We do lots of 2Up riding with plenty of long runs like Newfoundland 2007 over 9,000 miles in 4 weeks on the Gixxer 2Up. I guess that’s not that common over here, but in EU it sure is.

    Here’s my list:

    1967 Tempo Sport 125/175
    1969 Triumph Bonneville – later rebuilt to a Dunstall Triumph (cafe racer)
    1972 Honda CB750
    1973 Norton Commando Fastback
    1973 Yamaha TX750 (!)
    1973 Honda CB400 4 cylinder sweet machine
    1974 Dunstall Honda 900 – World’s first (Cafe Racer)
    1976 Suzuki 750 2 stroke water buffalo (borrowed in the season)
    1978 Suzuki GS100E
    1983 Suzuki GS1100E
    1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100 … 84,000 miles
    1996 Honda CBR900RR
    2000 Honda CBR929RR … 36,000 miles
    2002 Suzuki DR360
    2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000 … 54,000 miles
    2006 Honda CBR1000RR
    2007 Suzuki SV650

    So there, we love, ride, think, breathe, dream motorcycles as members of HRCA, Bubbas, ABATE AR, MSF, SRT and maybe some I forgot.

    Ride Safe!


    You must travel very light and have a very tolerant partner if you can do 9000 miles in 4 weeks, 2up on a GSX-R.



    …but maybe it’s where I get decent balance from ;)

    Manh Tuong

    What motorcycle are you using TrialsRider? Last update is 2 years ago?


    I'm thinking of getting my 1st street bike motorcycle (I have rode dirtbikes before but that was when I was way younger), not sure what to get though. I like sports bikes I love the way the look  I love the way they sound as for cruisers and touring bikes thats really not my cup of tea. About me well im 35 years old 6/3 I used to weigh 405 now i am currently 260, I was looking at a bigger size (zx-14 or Busa) bike because i was a lot heavier I have friends who never rode anything go out and buy ZX-14/Busa for there 1st bike and they are doing great now. just wondering what is a good sports bike i should get for my 1st bike


    Hello guys and gals.I'm 52 and I just completed the MSF course and received my endorsement. Never rode a motorcycle before in my life and I think it's not too late to start.. The MSF course was a lot of fun but unfortunately too little riding time. My MSF practice bike was Suzuki TU250X which was not a very good fit for quite a big guy like me – 6'2 with large feet (size 14). So now I'm trying to figure out what kind of bike should I get to continue practice. This forum seems like a great source of information. I would really appreciate your advice.


    63, Retired Early. Have a '95 250 Virago and a '03 650 V-star. Also ride a couple of road racer bicycles. IMHO the best beginning cruiser type of MC would be the 250 Virago or 250 V-star (same bike). I'm 6'2" and I'm totally comforatable on mine with the stock foot controls. I'ts got enough low end torque and it's nimble enough to be a blast to ride, and it's got just enough top end to occasionally enjoy the interstates. I'm also very interested in enclosed 3-wheelers since I'm up there in age. I've got an all-in deop on an Elio and a reservation on a Electra Meccanica Solo. soloowners.net

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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