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I’m 18 and interested in riding bikes.

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    From the research I’ve done, I’m planning on getting a Kawasaki Ninja 250R.
    I’m still wondering about whether I should buy new or used. I live in the Chicagoland area, so if anyone knows a good deal, I’d love to hear about it :)

    Apart from getting a bike, I’m new to everything about motorcycling. I like this forum and its gotten me far on my research.
    As for gear, I’ve looked up this site http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/ and it seems to have some sweet closeout prices on helmets, jackets, pants, gloves, and boots, all of which I intend to buy and wear from the very start of riding.
    I want to know about sportbike security… the “Scorpio SR-i900 RFID Security System” really caught my eye, but it seems really elaborate (not to mention pricey). Thoughts?

    Hmm what else…
    I sort of have some riding experience (although I wouldnt say so)… when I was 11, I visited my relatives in India and my uncle taught me how to ride a bike (like the way the gears and controls worked) and i rode alone on a straight road and back for about 5 minutes. My speed was like 40 kph, so 25 mph.
    I’ve been wanting more ever since.

    It would be nice to meet some conservative, yet experienced riders that can help me begin.
    I dont even have a 2-wheeler licence right now, but I plan to get one along with the bike and gear late in spring, maybe early summer.

    Nice to meet everyone :)



    First, I would suggest a basic riders course…most schools that offer the course will provide a bike for the training (always better to drop someone elses bike when starting out), and most will allow you to use one of their bikes for the test…they also usually have a few different types of bikes for the class…try them all out, you might find that you don’t like the sporty bikes after riding one for more than 20mins…although the Ninja 250 is more of a standard with farings…

    As for new or used, my suggestion is always go used on your first bike…maybe buy one from a dealer, but let someone else take the depreciation and put the first scratch in it…getting a good deal right now shouldn’t be a problem right now being winter and all…and the security issue…well, a 250cc bike isn’t going to be a theifs first target…

    Just remember, this is all about having fun…so keep safe (wear the gear and get trained) and the fun will take care of itself…




    I agee with Madjak, take the class and that will give you a better feel for what your wants/needs are going to be. Sorry to tell you but your previous experience doesn’t really count, but then I think you knew that already :)

    Motorcycle Superstore is a very reputable store so you will have no problems buying from them (just be careful though of items marked as ‘available’, that really means their 3rd party supplier may or may not have them). NewEnough.com is another great store.



    Hate to sound like a broken record here, but I agree with MadJak and eon, take the basic course, and buy used.

    Something to remember when you are looking for Ninja 250s, in 2008 they updated the model to a more “sporty” ride, with a little more “umpf” in the middle of the RPM range. Pre-2008 models are more forgiving, have a more neutral riding and are likely to be cheaper. Also, you may want to consider a smaller dual-sport.

    For riding gear you may also want to look at Cycle Gear http://www.cyclegear.com/ They have decent prices and selection, although it seems that their best deals are always on their store brand.



    Hey guys, thanks for the replies and the support!

    I looked up the begining riders program and there’s a free course here in Illinois.The start date for registration is next month and I’m definitely going to sign up.

    I didn’t consider the option of not having a sporty bike, but i’ll try out different kinds and see what feels best.

    and finally, I’ll go with a used bike. I think it’s worth it.

    Thanks again,
    you been much help :)

    Oh just something to think about… Alot of people have told me that I’m too young to go risk my life on a bike. They say that I should live a little before I get into all that…. thoughts?



    There is a little bit of good advice that they are trying to convey…most young guys will have a hard time not getting too agressive on a bike and that will get you into trouble eventually…but that being said, I know some guys that are in their 50s that really aren’t mature enough to ride…short temper, agressive behavior…they have a hard time driving their car without blowing a fuse and driving like an ass…

    It really isn’t how old you are, but the decisions you make while operating the bike that decides whether you are mature enough or not…if you can make good decisions and not get caught up in the stunting on the streets, then you are “old enough”…

    Get the gear, take the rider training and get a sensible bike to start with…that should let those people know that you are ready for riding by limiting or mitigating the risk involved with the sport.

    Only you know if you are ready or not…

    Good Luck…and have a blast doing it!!




    …That’s a little late actually.
    My first bike was one of these at age 10, they didn’t make mini bikes back then and I had to slide over on the edge of saddle to touch a toe down.

    on the day of my 16th. birthday I passed my motorcycle test on one like this

    My worst motor vehicle injury was sustained in a car.
    …well actually that’s not totally accurate,
    I started out in the back seat and my head injury was sustained after I went through the front windshield. Oh and BTW, I was hurt the least of the 3 occupants.



    I’m going to disagree with Madjak slightly. It’s been proven scientifically that hormones in men make them more likely to take risks when young before settling down and playing things safe. None of that is a great surprise and there are obvious biological reasons for us to be wired that way, but know that it is not just a case of maturity, you are fighting your body chemistry. Hell, even the word “mature” implies safe and sensible behavior only comes with age.

    So, forewarned is forearmed. There will come a time when you will give in to your irrational impulses. If you are sitting on a supersport when that happens your odds of crashing are higher than on a 250. Your problem is you don’t have the skills yet to know how to ride through those situations so your choices before it happens are very important. Strangely, starting at 10 is probably a lot safer than starting at 18. TrialsRider had learned how to ride before puberty kicked in and reduced his mental processes to that of an ape. I’m not sure he ever got past that though. He still seems to be stuck on the dirt :)

    From your posts on here I don’t doubt you are starting off on the correct path and I’m sure you will become a very safe rider. Riding with older, experienced guys would be a great way to start off if you can manage it. Try meetup.com, I’ve found a lot of riding buddies that way.



    Holy, I never even thought about that until you said it Eon! I was riding before puberty, the wife & I didn’t start dating until 5 years later, …no wonder I think it’s better then sex 😮


    Jeff in Kentucky

    I started on one of these at 8 years old, borrowed from a friend:


    I got a used one of these this with my paper route money when I was 12 (mine was 65cc without the expansion exhaust header):


    I bought one a used one of these at 14:


    I bought a used one of these when I was 21:


    I bought a new one of these when I was 43:


    I am planning to buy a used black 2008 Kawasaki ZZR600 later this year.



    Riding is a great way to live a little…and if you do it right live it up a lot!



    gitchy said:

    “Something to remember when you are looking for Ninja 250s, in 2008 they updated the model to a more “sporty” ride, with a little more “umpf” in the middle of the RPM range. Pre-2008 models are more forgiving, have a more neutral riding and are likely to be cheaper.”

    First, this is not strictly true. While they did try to boost the midrange of the 250R over the previous generation, the net change was dramatically less overall power. Yes, the power comes sooner, but it dies much faster on the newer version. Second, with respect to riding position, the latest model Ninja 250R is still a standard, and that includes riding position and steering geometry. Having ridden both models, I don’t really see a good argument for saying one is any “more forgiving” than the other.

    The bottom line is, the most important concern I think you raise is cost. The new model and old model 250s are both fantastic beginner bikes on which you can’t really go wrong (unless you wanted a cruiser, in which case…). The new model looks better and, in my opinion, handles better. The rear suspension, especially, is substantially improved if you happen to weigh more than 100 lbs. The old bike is cheaper and more powerful at the redline, but decidedly out-dated in the style department. They’re 250s…I mean you really can’t go wrong.

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