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Heated Grips?

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    Has anyone tried aftermarket heating elements for handgrips? What is the degree of difficulty to install? Is any manufacturer better than another? What are the pros and cons? Thanks in advance.


    Oxford Heaterz (I got them through http://www.lockitt.com). Easy install, hooks up directly to the battery, 4 heat settings (I’ve never gone higher than the second setting yet), and will shut themselves off if the battery dips below 11.5 volts (so if you leave them on, it won’t drain your battery). The most difficult part of the whole install was bonding the throttle grip onto the tube. I’ve been running them for almost 2 years now, and they’re great.


    Another even easier offering from the Lockitt company is Oxford Hot Hands.

    These just wrap around your grips with velcro and connect via a handlebar-mounted switch and fuse to your battery.


    1. Very easy install.
    2. You can remove them in warmer weather to reduce wear or if you sell the bike.


    1. They add a little bulk to your existing grips.
    2. They are made of fabric, so they eventually wear through to the wiring (I got 2 years out of mine (10 hours riding a week) before they wore through).
    3. They don’t switch themselves off, so if you forget to switch them off, you come out to a flat battery.

    See the review here:


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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