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Greetings everyone!

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    Hello, i found this website researching the Ninja250 and Buell Blast, liked it, and decided to stick around.

    My name is Daniel and i am a US Airforce enlistee in California. I have never ridden a bike and till recently always had too many fears (mostly costs) regarding them to get one. Thanks to a couple people i am deployed with right now, those fears are gone and i got plenty of time to research before i come home.

    I am 23 years old come April2011, 6’3 and weigh 160pounds. Yes i am a toothpick, its the ridiculous metabolism i have that keeps me so thin. 4 months of 3 hours in the gym a day and bout 120g protein well over 3.5k calorie diet, i gained 10 pounds. And i only said that to justify why i am so light.

    Not really sure why bikes interest me so much, since i really dont care what kind of car i have long as it has good MPG. I have been researching for a couple days so far, and my interest grows deeper.

    Outside the bikes, i am into…basically anything actually…ive dabbled in most activities atleast once….though im a bit of a shy guy so i spend a lot of time alone on my computer or in the kitchen cooking something. Very very few things i have not done (or have) that i refuse to do, but many things i havent done i want to or havent done much and want to.

    I hope everyone is as friendly on the forums as they appear on the guides. Great website, love it so far!



    California’s a great motorcycling state. Whatever kind of riding you decide to focus on there’s a community willing to help out and make it fun. Feel free to ask questions, we don’t bite… hard… :-P

    Jeff in Kentucky

    At 6′-3″ tall, the 250cc and 400cc supermotos, the Kawasaki KLR 650, or the Suzuki M50, C50, or S50 will fit your long legs the best, without any modifications to raise the handlebars, raise the seat, or move the footpegs more forward.

    Do you want to do 300 miles plus a day at 75 mph after the first few months? Do you want to carry a passenger later, after you have some experience? Are you mostly going to do city and country riding at 60 mph or less?

    The 250 or 500 Ninjas (or 500 Vulcan) are a better choice for doing 75 mph, by yourself for the 250, or the 500 with a passenger, and the Buell Blast is better at 60 mph or less with a passenger. The Kawasaki KLR and Suzuki 50s are more comfortable for long trips, but their higher weights and higher costs are not the best choice for a beginner.

    In my opinion, it is best to learn on a dirt bike and then get a street scooter, then a street motorcycle as a third bike, but many people skip these earlier steps in their hurry to have a bigger bike on the street.

    Ideally, get the smallest and cheapest bike you can live with, to lower the insurance, gasoline, and maintenance costs, and to be less likely to crash as you learn.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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